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  1. Second Para: Second Para: Looking good so far. Would be nice if there was a way to link between parts where you say to refer to x race. And that apostrophe :P But altogether looking very nice. I'm never usually one for lore, never been too interested, but this looks quite the contrary :)
  2. Hey, was just wondering if armoured zombies ladder was still resetting extreme pots boost to the level of super? Thanks :)
  3. So... They aren't giving you a month, they're giving you February? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but for all of my life I've thought February was a month. Logic fail, stop being a moron and get a recurring monthly payment on card. That is, if you're old enough to own one
  4. MMOs have rarely (if ever) fail to ignite excitement in me. 1. Grammar fail. 2. Technically means he liked them, as they have rarely failed to ignite excitement in him. After reading this, I simply assumed he was a moron and stopped caring what he thought
  5. Embarrassingly, I'm 99 mage, with 17.5m mage exp, and i've not done lunars :L It's on my list though. Thanks :) (not done RFD either)
  6. Hey Tiffers. I'm a long standing quest-hater, and the other day i was thinking that the 143 quest points i have at 122 combat is pretty poor. So, i was wondering if you could suggest any quests with specifically good rewards? (anything, from good xp, new areas, weapons, etc.) Open to all suggestions :) Thankyou!
  7. It's common knowledge that there's two main types of MMO's: Those that let you max out very quickly, and then have large amounts of end-game stuff to keep you interested (e.g. WOW), and the ones that keep you interested and playing by making it very hard and long to max out (e.g. RuneScape).
  8. Because there is software that does it better. Do tell please, not in a sarcy way, just because I'd genuinely like to know what it is. By the way, if it involves inputting code, that's a no-go
  9. To be honest, I use swiftkit and find it immensely useful. People say they can find all the same on tipit, but having your stats right next to you, and SK's new feature, the very useful Party Compare, to which you input all the names in your DG party, and it shows you the person with the highest stat in each skill. Good for skill doors! Also, people mention using multiple different software types, but why do that when you can just dl SK? Notepad built in, all skill guides linked (albeit to Zybez, a site considerably worse than tipit), irc, calcs, even little pop-out always on top pictures of the completed treasure trial puzzles. Swiftkit forever. Not using it, imo, is just silly.
  10. Actually, theory = truth (eg: "sun rises in the east" is a theory) This is, in fact, a hypothesis. OP even [bleep]ed up on scientifically specified jargon. Wrong. This is a theory, a hypothesis is a prediction. Oh the irony.
  11. Sounds to me like you don't like RuneScape.
  12. Everyone assumes that my name is called this because I wanted to train mage, but it's actually not. I'm called mymagerules coz I had a mage pure called "ilovechips" or something, and at the tender age of like 11 i thought that people would understand that i meant that mymagerules, my other mage account rules. Never told anyone that, but now the secret's out D:
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