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Hey I haven't posted since last year!




What's happened since then? I've gotten a lot busier.


I also bought myself a bass for my birthday, a Fender Affinity Jazz Bass, it's neat but I can't really play it yet. Looking into lessons, but I haven't found anyone yet.


Plus 3 AP classes, an involved engineering course, and student council with an inept advisor yields me being braindead most of the time.


Yeah that's it. I need to do some art asap, I've got Thurs and Fri off but have 2 doc appts on Thurs... Dentist and general, general to evaluate my anti-depression (generic Prozac stuff). It's kind of working, but not perfect... I want to draw a sine graph to represent my response to it.. Something like a normal sine graph represents a normal person's outlook/demeanor, with an amplitude of 1, and a 'baseline' at 0 [so their mood fluctuates from -1 to 1]. Before the anti depressant, I think I would place myself at a baseline of -8 or so, with my amplitude being something like 4 or 5. It spent much more time under the -8 line than above it though. Now I think it has a baseline at -5 ish, so it still doesn't go above 0, but gets close to it, and is less negative; like an amplitude of 2 or 3.


So Friday is my free day!




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