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Blogger logger day 1

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So yay, another blog place huh?


Hopefully I'll do a better job of updating this one then my others but I seriously wouldnt count on it. This blog will basicly be about the changes in rs and how an Oldbie(been playing nearly 9 years at this point) is forced to adapt playing methodology.


I'll start off by saying, in the begining days i didnt have my own computer, but I played every chance I got at school or a Library or whatever. These days I have my own computer and all that good stuff that I always wanted, including a highspeed connection. But just like the nerd in that hitchcock movie, I had my own twisted fate thrown at me. Now I'm basicly too busy to play. I have a way too many prior commitments with school and volunteering and all of my side projects going on at the same time.


Because of all the work and meetings and all that stuff that I have to do, I've gotten to the poitn where I have to capitalize on all the time I DO get to play. Recently its gotten so bad I can do little more then log in, and do one of the "click and leave" skills like fishing or woodcutting. Click the related task and have my avatar swing away while I'm working on A project. Once i notice the characters animation stop i click again. Rinse and repeat. Some times it goes on for so long that I log out. yeah.. its not really playing I know.


The benifit to this is that, with the resources I collect doing this, I can use it when I actually HAVE time to pay attention to the screen. its good for stocking up materials to skill with as well. But with the recent massive hike of materials skilling has come to a halt for me as well. So I basicly am just waiting around until i can finaly get back to slayer... joy






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