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  1. I found something interesting for the mining urns! the living rock critters body counts towards the urn fill rate. when you mine the body to get bits of living rock to fish with, it helps fill up the urn. the percentage of fill seems to be %0.8 per level 120 rock protector method: fresh jar. killed 10, mined 10, Checked percentage after every mine after 10 kills it was 8% Lord-Kain1
  2. (That's supposed to be URN not URL ... sorry I fat fingered it lol) There are 3 types of ashes: Impious Accursed Infernal I tested with Imps, Lessor Demons, and Abby demons imps fill the Infernal Urn 0.25% (takes 400 imps to fill 1 urn) Lessor demons fill it 0.8%(takes 125 lessors to fill 1 urn) Abby demons will it a whopping 4% each! (only 25 abyssal demons to fill 1 urn) since each of the 3 drop types are represented it would be safe to assume that all other critters that drop the same ashes fill it the same amount. But some further testing of other creatures would prove my educated guess With the exp earned you actually get more exp by using the urns, unless you take them to ecto or your gilded alter. Also note, ashes CAN be used on alter for the bonus exp just like any other bones Basically think of the urns as a Bonecrusher with bonus exp, only use it when you don't want to hassle with banking the ash for further use Lord-Kain1
  3. I have my PM setting set to friends, because my list is completely full and I don't really use the ignore list. Been playing over 9 years, iggy list would have gotten full by now. It really gets to be a problem when your trying to hold a conversation with one of your day to day friends and you keep getting interupted by someone that you can't respond too "hey!".. " uh.. hey?"... "why aren't you responding!?" ... "its rude not to talk to someone when they are trying to talk to you!" < ive seriously had similur happen the last time i set pm settings to on. my 2 cents LK1
  4. This is kinda a "duh" thing. But to fix the bridges, you also need a hammer, and its not currently listed as a required item and I can verify that yes the hammer is required lol Lord-Kain1
  5. Because I never really like treading food in that place can anyone/you elaborate on your/this post please? What's going on on the RSOF? I thought you said "trading food"...I was like, what kind of new euphamism is this crap? I think he has a cold and ment FOOT :-D
  6. Say that at next system update What you don't know is that next update is the smithing rework, new skill, and new high leveled dungeon with lvl 80-99 armors. I'm too pessamistic to even TRY to believe that on April 1st... been 99 smith for soooo long and the time it was actually USEFUL only lasted like 2 days, first 2 days of dragonplate bodys :\ If youll exscuse me i have a corner i need to sit in and be emo LK1
  7. You haven't looked at todays date have you? :-D edit: fooled myself lol
  8. I liked the living cabbages better. kicking them across the map was kinda fun
  9. I had more supporters on the RSOF but they got swarmed with a couple updates and i wasnt able to keep up but this board is still rocker so keep up the support! LK1
  10. The new skill is a lie. THAT is how it is unique and unlike every other skill ever made. Because its NOT a skill; its nonexistant! It'll fit right in with last years updates LK1 (skiller who has given up hope on any new skill goodness)
  11. Hey I came across something that may be helpful. This was at the ZMI alter but should apply to all RCing and probly all skilling Heres the pic notice the placement of the runecrafting stone? I had some runes, from crafting a split second before, but had not recieved any water chaos air or fire from the first click. The second batch gave me a wide variety of runes, and in the middle was the runecrafting stone. Why is this significant? From this pic it means that the runes crafted are automaticly figured on an individual basis and you get a chance each time to get a stone. Meaning it doesnt do the whole lump at once. How it affects everyone? Theres no point in dropping your entire load of ess and picknig them up and crafting one at a time( have heard this as a popular method for getting stones) You'll have the same chance by just going ahead and doing the whole load at once. This whould save a lotta people time. Lord-Kain1 Crew Edit: Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! The guide has been updated to reflect this recent change, and you've been credited for all your help. We appreciate it! :) - SerpentEye
  12. hey all! sorry for the hiatus, I got pwned by project deadlines. most of the spacing issues are because of the character limits on the RSOF per posting and I've been copy/paste tp keep them looking the same so theres not differences in information LK1
  13. I know i had a massive problem at te mother, had no real problem anywhere else. I had to face her 3 times. she kept pwning me with 30s and 40s despite i had prayer and gear and i kept splashing with the magic attacks too. Only reason i manage to win was because i got in some seriously lucky hits bakc ot back with the axe and for some reason she stayed on that style for a while. yay for luck of both kinds eh? LK1
  14. Here's something that i noticed while doing the quest. in the quest guide when speaking about the new dag mother it says "since she WILL NOT CHANGE until you attack with the appropriate style. " That is NOT true, she had changed on me multiple times and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how long it is until she changes color again. I could could get 1 attack in(no dmg as it was autoretal with wrong method) and she'd already change to a new weakness, and other times she'd let me smack her around with the axe several times(probly the only reason i managed to beat her the last time was i got 4 smacks in with the axe) but to recap,she changes reguardless of if you attack with the correct style or not, or at least did when i did the quest yesterday Lord-Kain1
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