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The 3DS is Here!



Finally, after months and months of waiting, the 3DS is finally here. Well, at least in Europe. So, I've been tinkering with it since 11:00 am to 3:00 pm GMt time, and here is what I've gathered so far:


-The battery life is, as expected, pretty bad. I've not yet ran complete comparisons, as it is charching right now, but the battery life is drasticly improved with the Wifi turned off (really really noticeable), and will extend a bit more once you turn the 3D off, but the 3D off didn't extend as much as the wifi off.


-The 3D is really amazing. Your eyes take 1-2seconds to adapt, but once they do be prepared for a treat. You can't shake the console a lot, but it's not like you would anyways. It really adds to some games (mostly pilotwings which i got to try in the store, and i feel star fox will be just stunning when it arrives), and to others it's just a very cool effect (SSF4 for example).


-The bundled software is also pretty decent. Face raiders is a bit tacky, and be prepared to have some odd looks if you play that in public, but the AR games are really great.


-The mii maker is hilarious, in a sense it never gets your face right if you use the inner camera. If you are not happy with the result, just add a few improvements manually.


-I didn't get to try online, i was too busy raging at M-Bison and his cheapness.


So yeah, it's pretty impressive.I personally only got to buy SSF4, but I should buy Pokemon black and either Rayman or Splinter Cell next week, after i get my pay check. I'd definatly reccomend buying one for three reasons: It has a few great titles in the horizon; It won't drop price anytime son (my parents, who loathe videogames, were fascinated with the mii maker and 3D in general, the "casual" crowd will eat this up); and to top it off, if you buy one now you get the lauch promotions, i got mine as a gift from a recent scolarship, but my parents did get it with 10% discount and 50% discount on the first game i buy, plus a free bag à la GBA.


It's definatly not perfect, and i'll be looking forward for a better battery life (i think nikyo is planning one), but if you are into the games that were announced, it's fine as it is. Just remember to turn the wifi off.


Should you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the comments below.




Now if you excuse me, it has finished charging :thumbup:


Remember to visit us, TET, on our weekly events and boss hunts. Who knows, maybe you'll be hooked to us :P




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The thing I'm most excited about are the AR cards :D tomorrow I'm going to try make a giant one with my brother to take out into the garden and spawn the shot-dragon there :D

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So, without all that stuff on, would the battery life be comparable to a 1st gen DS? Considering upgrading if I can get $300 or whatever together.

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So, without all that stuff on, would the battery life be comparable to a 1st gen DS? Considering upgrading if I can get $300 or whatever together.



I made some tests last night: 3D off, wifi off, sound in max and brightness max with energy saving on, the battery lasted for 6 hours played SSF4. I heard it lasts around 8-9 hours with DS titles in the same conditions, but i can only compare that next week.

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