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Farming, Ardy Diary

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Farming is probably the most and least fun skill in Runescape. It's not fun because it's super expensive and the XP bar doesn't continuously go up. It's fun because it's not time consuming and it's almost 1M xp/h if you do it using trees. Personally, I dislike farming. My farming xp has come from quests and tears. However, one day I would like to get that quest cape and it's not coming without at least 62+ farming. So I've resolved to do a herb run after every other slayer task. And do a tree run once in a blue moon too. My goal is 60 Farming by November 1st. I probably, PROBABLY will make it. Then again, I used to want 99 herblore, now I never want to train it again. Mining was 50 in F2P- it's 56 now, and most of that from quests. So maybe not.


A final note to those who complain about high leveled updates - you're morons. Mid-levels like us just got a free teleport, and you're complaining about how people with high levels are rewarded for their skills. Get real.

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