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Grandmaster - What The Name Means and Why It's Not Enough



I haven't updated this in a while, but you all should look forward to me updating it more frequently.


Currently, RuneScape has two Grandmaster quests (While Guthix Sleeps and Nomad's Requiem) and one coming (The Void Stares Back). These have requirements in the mid-60s, maxing out currently in the low-to-mid 70's. Most players will tell you that 75 is a middling level for any skill outside of Runecrafting, and perhaps even a low level for Cooking and Fletching. Level 75 (around 1.2 million experience) is achievable in a week of casual to moderate play or less for any skill, besides perhaps Runecrafting or Slayer at a low combat level. That being said, 75 in every skill is a fair achievement and does necessarily mean that a player is a veteran. Why, then, do the quests max out at this level? Why are there no extremely-high level quests requiring, say, 85 Hunter and Slayer involving the hunt and capture of a low-leveled Mahjarrat? While not all players would be able to enjoy this content, it would certainly give many players a reason to train Hunter or Slayer even more. This makes the grinding more enjoyable and even more goal-oriented.


There are also 46 Novice quests in RuneScape. Most have requirements of 30 or lower in a skill or none at all. Novice quests are excellent to begin a quest chain - for example, the quest "The Tale of the Muspah" was doable by pretty much everyone yet enjoyable and fed into the plot of RuneScape. However, thrilling conclusions of quest chains should require higher skill levels to partake in. The reason? Epic quests should have epic rewards such as a quest that gives you the ability to fight a new and profitable boss monster or the ability to wear a cape that gives +12 to prayer. This is clearly not "noob" gear and should only be given to experienced players.


When I played RuneScape as a newbie, I immensely enjoyed the Goblin Quest series. It's still among my favorite quest lines, and The Chosen Commander was an absolutely epic quest despite the mid-level requirements. That being said, it was only that way because the chain was actually finished. It was sad to say goodbye to Zanik, but I have hope that Jagex will include her in an upcoming quest. To make sure that other quest lines are this enjoyable, Jagex should finish off their old quest chains before starting new ones with Novice quests again.


The finished Quest Series, as I see them currently, are the Arrav Chain (blended into Mahjarrat), Fairy Chain, History Chain, Summer Chain, and the soon-to-be finished Void Chain.


Most notably unfinished are the Mahjarrat, Myreque, and Elven Series of quests. All three of these are epic enough to end with the new tier of quests, "Legendary". Legendary quests will necessarily require high combat levels, astute puzzle-solving capabilities, and high requirements, with very large rewards.


The Desert, Dwarf, and Gnome quest chains can be ended with Grandmaster quests. While Legendary quests are a good idea, introducing too many at a time would probably be too much of a good thing.


We all like to see resolution. In the future, I'd like to see Jagex follow the model that they did with the Void Quests and release a 4-5 quest long series that encompasses 4-5 difficulties - a Novice or Intermediate, an Experienced, a Master, and a Grandmaster/Legendary. That way, all levels of RS players can get rewards suited to their level. If anything, it tips the scales in favor of the lower-level players because Jagex can no longer make throwaway quests, knowing that they have to lead up to a Grandmaster or Legendary Quest. This will result in more quests like The Tale of the Muspah rather than Clock Tower.


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