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Void Wars Episode III - The Void Stares Back (spoiler alert)



Sorry, I'm a bit of a Star Wars geek.


This is the first quest I had to actually train to in a while - it has a lot of requirements, which is always a good thing. I was working on getting my skills to all 70+ and this quest ensured that I had to do construction and crafting (only farming, thieving, runecrafting, and hunter to go). At any rate, after constructing some oak larders and cutting some emeralds, I went to Korasi and Sir Tiffy and asked them for "quest ploz". They obliged. It was all like Black Knight's Fortress Part II in the beginning - this time, however, they gave me the equipment instead of me having to spend 250 gold on random crap (Thanks for nothing, Sir Amik Varse!). And thankfully, instead of having to randomly roam around the Fortress looking for a witch, I was instantly teleported to the main base of the Black Knights in Taverley Dungeon.


And here's where things got boring. Instead of a lengthy build-up, I clicked a couple of times and some random Black Knight dai'd. So I slogged through the first puzzle, which was moderately challenging but relatively uninspired. The second room involved praying against a bunch of pests. So far, the quest had turned out to be a dud. The third puzzle was a little more complicated and fun, but still nowhere close to the mind-boggling Elemental Workshop or Elven puzzles.


The quest picked up somewhat after that. Wizard Grayzag, the main antagonist of the uber-quest Imp Catcher, also turned out to be the major villain in the Void arc. Apparently, Grayzag had stolen much more than just beads on his way to becoming "THE GREATEST SUMMONER OF ALL TIME". He had also coerced Lord Daquarius into doing stuff for him while simultaneously blaming the problem on him. Sadly for Grayzag, he had forgot to bring a teletab and was easily apprehended after a game of Conquest.


Sadly for us, though, we had to choose between killing Jessika and Korasi. I, as I assume all of you did, killed Jessika. Korasi was an in-general badass and Jessika was a sort of lame flower-power hippie who was severely lacking in the area of having an AGS-esque special weapon.


The final boss was easily the second hardest boss in a quest ever (perhaps I'll do a special Top 10 Quest Bosses list later). The basic mechanic for how it works is that the Queen summons two kinds of pests - healing pests and ranged pests which kill your archers. Your archers have to kill the healing pests while you kill the ranged pests and do the majority of damage to the Queen. She also has a special attack, that, while easily avoidable, can still hit 500+ on an unsuspecting target. Her two regular attacks, melee and magic, hit in the 200's without protection prayer and in the 40-100 range with prayer. These are fairly accurate. Still, my strategy pretty much doomed her. I brought a tortoise full of rocktail and 3 special restore potions and just kept special-ing with the weapon over and over once the healers died. If I only had one special left, I'd just switch to my chaotic rapier. The fight took me two tries, but only because the first time I forgot to bring a tortoise. Like Nomad, a Spirit Kyatt can be extremely effective on the Queen, though I personally did not use this strategy.


The Pest Queen was more reminiscent of what bosses should be more like instead of what they are. The Pest Queen would require decent teamwork and specialized roles (archers, special-ers, DPS, ranger destroyers). For a teamwork-oriented boss fight, the elite defilers and the healers could be made even more powerful and the attacks could do even more damage. Fighting the boss would result in Commendations and chances at Elite Void Deflectors and Gloves. Even if the rewards weren't great, more bosses, especially ones that have potential like this one, are never bad things.


Rewards were fairly good. The experience reward, 120,000 spread out over 6 skills and 100,000 in a combat Prayer/Summoning skill of your choice, was suited for this difficulty level of quest. Note that the 70 Zeal from Nomad's Requiem, to a player who is level 80 in Prayer, gives around 180,000 experience. But the experience rewards obviously weren't the prime rewards. More interesting are the two item rewards - Korasi's Sword and the Elite Void Knight Top. Let's start with the Void Top. This will likely become a new staple at Tormented Demons for me. Though the +5 to all defences are nice, the +4 to prayer is obviously the strong point of the reward and, combined with the likely +4 prayer bonus of the legs, will be useful at locations ranging from Armoured Zombies to TDs to chinning monkeys.


Korasi's Sword, though it has mediocre stats by itself, has one mother of a special. I've been playing around with it, and it can hit 700+ at 94 strength with extreme potions and piety. It can probably hit in the high 700's with Turmoil and 99 strength. Though it takes up 60% of the special bar, ensuring that it cannot be used twice for massive effect, it will certainly pose a threat in PvP and PvM. It will also likely contribute to the crash of Dragon Claws.


It's time for an overall rating.


Plot: 7/10. While the decisions you make are an interesting and new twist to quests, this quest did not have me at the edge of my seat afterwards like While Guthix Sleeps and does not have future implications like Nomad's Requiem. It was a decent quest line and this wrapped things up nicely.


Graphics/Music: 7.5/10. The music was great, graphics not so much. Pretty much the only cool cutscene was when the Void Queen was first being summoned. Other than that, routine stuff.


Fun Factor: 8/10. I was entertained the whole way. The quest never really lost me.


Rewards: 8.5/10. Honestly, anything less than an 8.5/10 would have been a disappointment, considering that this is probably the highest level quest Jagex is going to come out with for a while.


Overall: 8/10. This is a solid B+, a good piece of content, and a quest worth training for.


I just wish the top I got didn't make me look like I have boobs




God, this one looks so much nicer...




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