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First! (Or, Procrastination (Or, Whiners))

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I should really be doing my homework. Instead, I'm sitting around reading people argue about economics and whether the RuneScape economy is going down the tubes, and wishing that my homework was about economics rather than science.


Of course, if it was economics, I'd probably find a topic about the science or lack thereof in Runescape and be wishing that my homework was science... funny how that works.


Speaking of wanting what you don't have and Runescape, I've noticed something in my fellow players. A lot of the loudest (not necessarily the majority) seem to believe that the world should revolve around them, the world owes them, the world should be at their beck and call, etcetera. They whine and mope and complain because the world isn't molding itself to fit their every desire. And DAMN, is it annoying. Now, I will admit that I have partaken in this behavior myself on occasion, but it's immature and the only thing you should get for it is a solid whack with a clue-by-four.


However, complaining, when backed up by some sane arguments, is OK in moderation. I'm not sure it should even be called complaining... but I can't think of what it should be called, either. Complaining for the sake of complaining, on the other hand, is again 'worthy' of a smack with a clue-by-four. Heads up, curmudgeons: you'll get tuned out eventually. If you really want things to change, make some suggestions as to how things could get better. Don't just stand there and complain, DO SOMETHING!


This has been Lielac, who still hasn't finished her homework.

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