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  1. I'm doing a survey for my Intro to Soc/Psych/Anthro class, and I decided to survey my fellow Runescapians. I have two questions: 1. How many hours, on average, do you play per week? 2. How many days does your Adventurer's Log say you've clocked in-game? Round to the nearest day. Thanks!
  2. Because my new wicked robes and fury are just way too beautiful to not immortalize on this thing. Oh and I have a dragon defender in here, I guess that's pretty awesome too. Tif name: Lielac Runescape name: Lielac Current picture url: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/geerack45/runescape/tifpic2012lielac.png New picture url http://i.imgur.com/RC0eI.png
  3. The only one that actually comes to mind as a serious regret is, I've gotta say, choosing to help resurrect Hazeel in the Hazeel Cult quest. No, seriously! The decision was made in a moment of 'eh what the hell let's help the bad guys', and it's ruined my mental image of who my in-game character is ever since. I guess not doing the Easter event that had the egg ring as a reward is a pretty big regret too, but helping Hazeel means my quest-story image as a Doer of Good is marred. This probably says something about my priorities in RuneScape... Oh! Selling my abyssal whip when I didn't have quite enough to get a sara sword was a pretty dumb move, considering the price of whips promptly shot up.
  4. Hmm. Jagex says it's not gambling because you always win something. But when it comes to buying spins and then getting crappy drops, is that still true? Time = money, after all, whether the money is gp or meatspace money. If you buy 75 spins for $20, that's two hours of work at minimum wage (where I live) spent on spins. Each spin costs about $0.27 (1/3 of a cent less actually), about 1/37th of an hour's work. 3600 (number of seconds in an hour) divided by 37 is 97.297297..., so about 97 seconds to get the money needed for one spin. If you get an item or EXP amount that costs less than 97 seconds to get in RS, then you've lost time and therefore money. If you get an item or EXP amount that costs more than 97 seconds to get, then you've won the time it would take to get that prize (or its normal equivalent for some items) normally and you now have that time at your disposal to do with as you see fit. Ooh! That's just assuming the current price. If/when the $20 option goes down to 40 spins, then that'll be $0.50 a pop or 1/20th of an hour or if it takes you less than two minutes to get the prize normally then you've just wasted fifty cents on a freaking bucket that would take less than a minute to buy if you killed a goblin by Lumbridge and sold its bones or used any coins it dropped to buy a bucket at the general store. Since it would take less time to get the bucket without SoF dropping it on a bought spin than it would take to earn the money used to buy the spin used to get the SoF bucket drop, you've lost. TL;DR: Squeal of Fortune is still gambling because maths. Also because time = money.
  5. I really, really like the idea in "Rebooting RuneScape (On a Few Servers)". The only thing better to me than being able to semi-restart RS as a level 3 member n00b would be to restart without my memories of being a level 112 quest cape member n00b. Even without selective amnesia, the idea of being able to restart and run around leveling everything how I please, and DIYing all over the place? Without having to give up the progress made in the better part of eight years on my main? Sign me up! Or, to put my opinion more succinctly: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  6. Tif name: Lielac Runescape Name: Lielac Picture: Url: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/geerack45/runescape/tifpic2012lielac.png
  7. Hummmm. Torn between the Camelot and Lumbridge areas. On the one hand, Lumby's got that nostalgia feel, but Seer's Village and Catherby are near a beach... -weighs- Iiii think I'll go with Seer's Village. Life's a beach!
  8. Also, I can kill you with my brain. I only use melee because magic breaks my bank.
  9. I'll be coming up on seven years in June or July. I remember practically living on Karamja, fishing for lobsters and running to sell them to the general store back before the 2007 updates. Then the GE happened and I would do the same thing except I teleported, banked my fish, and went back to Karamja to do it all over again. Oh, and the graphics sucked even more back then. Ohhh, and I thought I was sooo clever and sneaky for being able to run from Edgeville to this one hill near the edge of the F2P wildy with spiders and a cut sapphire and get out with said sapphire without getting my ass kicked. Past me was such a noooob.
  10. Best test to see if they flow well: sing 'em! Verdict: The third one flows best. They're all awesome, though. Five cah-bah-geees!
  11. Dear sirs, I understand that sometimes an empty world is hard to find. However, it is REALLY ANNOYING when I've been here for an hour at least, and someone comes waltzing in and attacks the mummies I'm bursting without so much as a by-your-leave. It's even more annoying when two people are doing that at the same time. I understand your desire to get that coveted ranged level, dear sirs. However, 12 mummies means that one person is quite comfortable, two people are working at two thirds maximum speed at BEST, and three people are getting cramped. And I don't see why I should be the one to hop when you're the crashers. Leaving now that I have 80 Magic, Lielac Yep, got crashed three or four times -- and they overlapped -- in the Chaos Tunnel Mummies. Did I miss the memo about it no longer being the done thing to hop if someone else is there when you get to the spot, or are people just jackasses?
  12. Spin the camera around in a circle to pick a direction, go in that direction until you hit a sizable obstacle, rinse and repeat. Keep an eye out for quest icons, poke your nose into every hole in the ground, and carry the runes for a teleport spell at all times -- some places you can wander into are a little bit deadly and a pain in the ass to get back to.
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