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99 Magic (Finally)




I am finally living up to my name. :thumbsup: A very special thanks to Mr Cammybear for providing me the money and runes to get me to 99 Magic. And of course, thank you Tip.it, GamingHeavens, and Excl's CC community for the support! ^_^ Wubs you all!


I basically fire surged from level 96 magic to 99. From 85 to 96 I was passively training magic by using it for metal dragon tasks. :P


And now for lots of pictures... 26. Some are probably just repeats, but I was mashing the key like mad just in case I missed something. XD Some pictures may contain some minor swearing. :|


[hide=Many Pictures Hidden to Save You From Loading Agonies]99magic001.th.png 99magic002.th.png 99magic003.th.png 99magic004.th.png


99magic005.th.png 99magic006.th.png 99magic007.th.png 99magic008.th.png


99magic009.th.png 99magic010.th.png 99magic011.th.png 99magic012.th.png


99magic013.th.png 99magic014.th.png 99magic015.th.png 99magic016.th.png


99magic017.th.png 99magic018.th.png 99magic019.th.png 99magic020.th.png


99magic021.th.png 99magic022.th.png 99magic023.th.png 99magic024.th.png


99magic025.th.png 99magic026.th.png[/hide]



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