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YtHaar Hero III: Legend of (Obsidian) Rock



I'm mostly only writing this to make a YtHaar pun.


But in any case, I'm a YtHaar and proud of it.




Got me some sweet level-ups from the xp rewards, too.




That's Promethium weapons, Spellbook Swap, and...uh...88 ranged. Not bad. I'll take it!


I don't understand why the quest expected me to be indignant at the TzHaar culture. All the time they'd be like, "Yep, we send Ga'al off the the Fight Pits because they're useless to our society," and I see a chat option that goes (paraphrase) "NOES THAT GA'AL HAS HOPES AND DREAMS AND HE GONNA GROW UP TO BE UNICORN MAGIC WIZARD MASTER SOMEDAY!" And then the Ga'al is like, "Actually, Fight Pits sounds fine, I really don't mind," and then I get a chat option like (paraphrase) "FOLLOW YOUR HEART YOUNG GA'AL DON'T LET THE MAN KEEP YOU DOWN!"


I mean, there's idealistic, and there's unrealistic. Have you ever seen a TzHaar? I don't care what your hopes and dreams are. If you're a TzHaar-Hur, you aren't going to be able to train until you become a TzHaar-Ket. We're not just talking social classes here...we're talking serious physical, biological (geological?) differences. The Ga'al have no phlebotinum, which means they won't grow up to become a TzHaar. Not as in "They won't be accepted into TzHaar society." We're talking as in "They will never physically mature into an adult TzHaar."


Don't get me wrong, if this kid actually wanted to go out and see the world and blaze his own trail, I'd be all for it. But he doesn't. I think it's a little offensive, honestly, that the player character would be encouraging him to, like, abandon his whole...civilization, basically, and...well, the point is, that's dumb. You don't go up to a dragon and say "Killing knights is wrong!" You don't go up to an impling and say "Stealing is immoral!" The TzHaar have been doing their thing since before the dawn of mankind. They're a caste-based society. They have combat rituals. Let them do their thing. Yeesh.


Anyway, the combat portion was really easy. I ate a few sharks on my way to the Kiln, and I was gonna go back to refill my inventory, but then I thought "What the hell, I'll give it a shot." Ended up breezing through it easy-peasey. Well, except for a little lag on the last wave--that was a scary spot, but I pulled through. Not so tough. Made me wonder why I still haven't done the Fight Caves.


The new ring is pretty nice too. Unlimited bank teleports, faster than a glory. Seems sweet. I approve. Very good rewards. Definitely worth doing this quest.


On an unrelated note, we got our T5 Fishadel. Check it:




If you want a piece of sweet weekly free summoning and crafting xp (or mining, woodcutting, smithing, and/or firemaking), visit the W22 Fishing clan chat. We'll hook you up. We also have a lovely clan theatre, and a clan battlefield with +10 agility and +10 summoning boosts for all your effigy needs.


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I like your blog :P, much more attractive than mine. Keep up the good work :thumbsup: .

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At first I was disappointed by the lack of YtHaar Hero III.


Then I agreed.

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