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Trolling Mobilizing Armies

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As part of my goal to obtain a trimmed completionist cape I need to have Rank 300 in Mobilizing Armies (MA). The accepted method to grind through this most dull of minigames is to suicide in the Siege scenario. Of course there are some people who like to troll others by killing them before the timer hits 26 minutes (leaving/losing before then gains no rank).


Anyway, today I'm finishing off 300 (286/300) and two of my oppponents are both using all heavies (obvious non suiciders). They then immediately proceed to team up and start attacking everyone else. I immediately then start trying to survive until 26 minutes (10 lights vs 20 heavies no chance lol) so I can at least gain my rank. Now normally I don't care if people kill me after 26 minutes (there's no bonus for killing squads in Siege) but these guys were just being [wagon]. After realizing how bad they are I proceed to run them around from 29 minutes (game start) to 15 minutes. Dodging 20 squads and at least 4 cannons (lol) at 15 minutes and with 1 squad remaining they both forfeit much to my amusement and general feeling of vindication.


tl;dr Don't [bleep] with me or I'll end you and your clan

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