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Acme Toolkits, Inc. declares bankruptcy



Daemonheim, 25 Bennath 169


Acme Toolkits, the company responsible for providing toolkits to Daemonheim's spelunkers, declared bankruptcy yesterday in the wake of a massive drop in sales.


Before its fall, Acme Toolkits was responsible for the manufacture of some of RuneScape's most beloved multitools, including the Rogue Kit, the Mobilizing Armies Quest Kits, the Fish Flingers tackle boxes, the Dwarven Army Axe, and of course the popular Daemonheim Toolkits.


"It's these damn toolbelts everyone's wearing these days," said a spokesman for the company. "Our sales are dropping like a stone. Our stock has been plummeting for five months straight now."


After the announcement, three Acme Toolkits stockholders jumped off of the Wizards' Tower. They respawned in Lumbridge.


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