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Rejected Fremennik Sagas





Have you ever wondered what a Heim Crab does all day? In this saga, you can experience firsthand what it's like to swim around in a small pool and avoid being caught, cooked, and eaten. Splash around enough and who knows, you just might become a real internet meme! Maybe. Someday. Probably not.

How to start L'Heim:


Find a Heim Crab within Daemonheim, and then speak to Skaldrun on Daemonheim Peninsula. There are no skill requirements to start this saga.




Developer's note: This story is too big to be contained in just one Fremennik Saga. Players love Heim Crabs too much. Let's expand it into a full Heim Crab quest line. Can we get a Heim Crab minigame, too? Maybe even two or three, and a D&D while we're at it. This is GOLD! HEIM CRABS FTW!



Death of a Mahjarrat


It's finally here: the saga you've been waiting for. In the ultimate conclusion to the story of Daemonheim, you'll play as Bilrach, the mysterious master of the dungeons. Delve all the way down to the 61st floor and discover what awaits at the mountain's heart!

How to start Death of a Mahjarrat:


Find the Dragonkin Symbol within Daemonheim, and then speak to Skaldrun on Daemonheim Peninsula. You will only be able to find the item if you meet the following requirements:


  • 113 Dungeoneering
  • You must be a current RuneScape member.
  • The item can only be found on floors 57-60.

To complete the unabridged saga, you must also meet the following requirements:


  • 120 Dungeoneering



Developer's note: It turned out amazing! But there's a problem: We can't possibly release something this awesome for free. Players have been waiting ages for this to come out. Let's put the release on hold until we can find a way to get microtransactions involved--or at least some sort of new members-advertising scheme. We have to be able to squeeze more money out of something as incredible as this! Unlock as a rare Squeal of Fortune reward?


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