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Buddy, can you spare some runes?





Hey buddy, got any spare runes?


Sir? Could you maybe spare a few runes?


I've fallen on some hard times lately. Lost my job. Lost my home. Can barely feed my family. Any runes you could give me would help, any at all.


Spare runes, miss?


How about you there, ma'am? I noticed you've been siphoning those blood esswraiths for two hours now. Surely you've got some runes to spare for a poor old man who's had some hard luck?


Will give runecrafting xp for runes.


Hey buddy, spare runes? No? Have a nice day.


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Damn homeless yellow wizards! Gonna be drivin' down property values. :angry:

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I hear the several ministries around Gielinor have spare runes... Or the wilderness...

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