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It's a breeze



After those exciting adventures with Char and firemaking I decided to relax a bit and do nothing special. This in part has been motivated by the fact that real life takes quite some attention too. But despite the relaxation there were still some goals to achieve. One of these is doing as much quests as I can with my levels. One of these quests was Dream Mentor. The guide said something about high-level monsters to beat, so I decided to stock up once again before trying, thinking this would be at least as difficult as Vanstrom or Char.


However, I forgot that I bought a polypore staff upon reaching magic level 80.

And I planned to use that of course. On top of that, I discovered the lectern allowed safespotting (and no I didn't read a guide for that). The combination of pps and safespot made me breeze through that fight, and I can now honestly say Dream Mentor is easy. And then I was fed up with quests for a while and decided to focus on my "all skills level 70+" goal. I cheated a bit by buying a lot of silver bars so I could start crafting tiaras immediately, and not having to mine all that silver in the diy-way. I wanted 70 crafting of course, but I decided to go for level 75 because that unlocks the slayer ring.


Finally I got that level (yay me) and immediately I went to Sumona to see how many points I needed to learn to craft a slayer ring. I ran 100 points short, so I took a slayer assignment from her. First I got elves, which isn't so bad in Lletya because of the prayer altar upstairs.


Then I got iron dragons. Not feeling up to them, I am now fully immersed in the new Runespan. After all, my runecrafting level also needs to be 70+, so that's a good excuse to avoid Iron Dragons, right? Like lots of other players I immediately went to the Runespan upon logging in, and in once evening I gained 3 runecrafting levels (66 - 69). And I like the runespan too! I'm thinking about camping there for a while.

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I'm gonna be at the runespan for a long time too, you go girl :>

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