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My absence, and early H'ween fun...

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Well... It appears that I have been been gone for 13 - 14 days. I feel bad for that. Honestly, things started going really slow IRL and I got bored, so I didn't really play RS or do anything on my compy in that time. Also, over the weekend I was on a camping trip with my scouting troop. To add to that, it rained to the point where one more drop of water would cause a flood during the trip. No lie. =( Then I leave this Wednesday on a trip to Disney World! Yay! I'm going with my family in our RV. I'm guessing this is my 17 or 18th Disney trip in my life. Yes, I'm lucky. :razz: My father has been there 40+ times though... :cool: However I will have internetz during the trip, so I can play RS and post, blog on Tip.it or browse on the web for something. I might even post some pictures from my trip if I deem it okay. :P


In RS, I went to the main page and got the surprise of seeing the new Halloween event just came out today. I did it right away! I also did the 2007 H'ween event, so I had been in Grim's house before, and I have the hood to prove it. Ha. =)


Here are the rewards from the new event (spoiler alert!)






I also took some pictures in HD. Boy, they look great.


Today's Pictures [3 Pictures]


Standing near Grim... I can feel my bones shaking!




A spider in a bathtub... I think I will have to check my tub every day now. O_O




Finally, me wondering through the mazes of the realm of the Spider Queen...




Until later, 'ciao! <3

~ The 2nd General of Guthix

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