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Rebooting Runescape



The following is a small idea I had for Runescape that was posted on the RSOF many months ago. It had a number of supporters, but I eventually got busy and lost sight of the thread. Just re-posting it here for anyone who may be interested in reading it.



Brief Description:

A few servers would be set aside, and support a Runescape with everything entirely reset (save updates/content). A new account would be required to access these servers, and they would receive updates a couple weeks later than the current running servers in order to help prevent massive bugs. These servers could or couldn't include the GE (no GE being my preference). The benefit is that this content has a positive effect on those interested, and in no way negatively effects those who prefer to keep playing the current Runescape, or both.



In-Depth Description:

Legacy issues are a primary problem to any current player of Runescape. This generally focuses on any update issues that became a major problem and required a patch. Issues such as bot abuse, high alchemy, rares, infinite items, 76k exploitation, item dupes and no limit GE trading impact players to this day. Everyone is aware of the detrimental effect that bot abuse and item duplication had on the game regarding the ability to attain relatively quick and cheap skill level ups. High alchemy, 76k, and climbing boots injected enormous amounts of GP into the game. A non-restricted GE, created the potential (which many took advantage of) for rapid migration of specific items to a few players. Currently, there is no way to remove these problems in such a manner that players would not undergo a mental meltdown.


However, as we have seen with RS:Classic, Funorb, and our current Runescape, an account can develop in multiple ways with the Jagex experience. RS:Classic vs Runescape shows that an account could be level 138 on Runescape, and start RS:Classic with a fresh character without the two effecting one another. This "Runescape Reboot" practices in the same manner, being an option for current players to restart on fresh servers, with the slate wiped clean of previous bug abuse and related problems. However, this option would be available to members only (I'm thinking of your bottom line Jagex).


Basically, the implementation of this would allow current players the choice as to whether they play the current Runescape, or play on a fresh Runescape where no logs have been cut, quests completed, or chickens plucked. This means trillions of GP have not been added to the game from abused bugs, updates with shortcomings, or high alchemy.


Tradeable rares would be non-existent on these servers (as well as the problems that come with them). However, items/emotes players unlocked on the current Runescape could be potentially dragged over to the new servers, allowing nostalgia to follow the player where they go.


Players would not have to feel distressed or unlucky because a player was able to take advantage of an exploit that occurred years ago, allowing them to effortlessly attain money or stats. Eventually training would get easier with updates, like it has on the current Runescape, but the goal is to avoid massive advantageous bugs, not the eventual shift of experience rates within the game.


The upside of these servers is that anyone who pays for membership will have the opportunity to start fresh with a community of other players, shaping their account and the game once more. Skilling and combat would have equal opportunities to be a viable income, and of benefit to the player. It's worth mentioning that with the vise-grip Jagex has on bots, the implementation of these servers couldn't come at a better time. Bots also wouldn't target these servers due to the smaller player base, and with the ease they could be caught by Jagex, and the tight-knit community that would form within the Rebooted Runescape.


The downside? There virtually is no downside for the player by implementing these few servers. A player could choose to play and potentially reinvigorate their love for the game, or continue to play the current Runescape if they prefer. Heck, they could play both if they have the time. I also strongly believe these servers could pull past players from retirement.


The Rebooted Runescape servers would require players to think strategically if they wish to be on top of the high scores, especially early on when the options are so unlimited. The lack of F2P pack-mules in this members only based version of servers would require members to collect their own items, or trade with others within the community. Your friends could be as beneficial to your development as you are to theirs, and skilling would no longer be a backseat driver within the economy. Alliances would be forged, and businesses created for those who wish to benefit the most from the endless opportunities. The potential outcomes would only limited by a persons mind.




Adjustments would need to be made in regards to how the new servers receive Runescape updates. In order to prevent massive bugs (the very thing these servers abolish), updates would need to be implemented after a set period of time, when the bugs have been dealt with on the main Runescape servers. Ideally content would be seen on the Rebooted Runescape no later than a month after the current Runescape experiences them. This would be a huge step in the prevention of bugs that negatively alter the game and the Runescape experience for players.


High alchemy would be removed from the Rebooted Runescape, in order to prevent the economy from essentially being overwhelmed with GP in the years that pass the implementation of the servers. It's planning in the present that would preserve the future structure of the Rebooted Runescape.


If the Grand Exchange was to stay within these servers, the restrictions should be set 10-15x greater than they current are in order to help prevent exploitation of the service. However, I personally prefer the removal of the Grand Exchange as an entirety. The community would be so close on the Rebooted Runescape that spamming for trade would not be an optimal choice, but rather knowing your community, allowing for more forum traffic and trading.




The interest for these servers would first need to be gauged by Jagex in order to confirm that it is a viable option for their/our money. It is worth noting that the overhead required for these servers would be minimized by the fact that the "Bot Nuke" implemented by Jagex freed up a lot of space on current servers.


The changes suggested for the Rebooted Runescape servers (listed above) are minimal, and as such because the less work it is for Jagex, the more likely such an idea could be implemented. This project does focus on being a positive update for the Runescape community, but Jagex's bottom line must also be effected in such a manner. This is partly why the Rebooted Runescape is a members only service. Jagex could even require a separate membership be paid for these servers, however implementation of an extra membership would be better implemented after the community has formed within these servers.


Based on the ideas listed, and the current condition of Runescape servers, I believe the investment by Jagex for this project would be minimal, and have an extremely positive effect on the present and future Runescape economy, should it be embraced.




- Rebooted Runescape allows for the negative effect of past bugs to be wiped from the economic and player history.


- Players start fresh, allowing for the player to plan strategically, and be benefited by intelligent decisions.


- Playing on Rebooted Runescape servers does not effect your current Runescape account. The accounts are separate, though Jagex may allow for the same primary username (similar to RS:Classic).


- Skilling and combat have a level playing field in regards to their positive effect on the Runescape community. Allowing those who potentially only enjoy one of the two activities to benefit the most from it.


- The community of would initially be very close because of the amount of people playing on these servers.


- Bots/Abuse would be heavily controlled in the smaller setting of Rebooted Runescape.


- Updates would be implemented roughly one month later than the current Runescape in order to help prevent massive bugs from slipping through.


- High alchemy would be removed from the game in order to prevent the current effects seen from it (trillions of GP entering the game, manipulating the economy).


- Grand Exchange either removed or heavily restricted in order to prevent exploitation. Community trade would potentially be a mainstay within Rebooted Runescape servers, but because of the tight-knit community and personal value of items, would not require spamming to the extent needed today to trade.


- Rares are non-existent within Rebooted Runescape. Non-tradeable holiday items/emotes/music could potentially carry over onto Rebooted Runescape, provided Jagex links the accounts similar to the current Runescape/RS:Classic situation.


- Rebooted Runescape servers would be a members only service. Potentially requiring a separate membership (if Jagex deems it). However, one membership would most likely be enough to interact between Rebooted Runescape and current Runescape servers.


- Minimal investment for Jagex due to currently freed servers.


Feel free to add your opinions and ideas. As such is the idea of the Rebooted Runescape servers, community is important, and all of your opinions are the key to success and will be taken into account. Some added opinions/ideas may be listed below.


Readers Opinions/Ideas:


Recommended Comments

There is a lot of merit to the idea, but I'm not sure you could attract enough players. I would prefer the GE to remain, but turned into an auction house system:


players post buy or sell offers, and people can see all offers and select the best ones. Since there is no F2P, and no starting gold it would be little chance of botting ruining it by being able to easily sell gold and so forth.


This system is effectively precisely like the forums but you don't need to be on the forums to do it. It is a lot more powerful and much more difficult to abuse prices because you can see all the current offers. (Like a real market on the forums) but with an ingame interface.




Another thought about high-alchemy. You can't remove it blindly like you wish, because it has positive impact on all of the "production/finisher" skills. Smithing, Crafting and so forth all create items which never get destroyed. You need a mechanism for these items to leave the game, or they lose value.


High-Alchemy holds the values of items at their high-alch value. Along with this would either need a way for GP to exit the game, or be replaced by a method for items to exit the game in vast quanitities.


Without this method, then all production skills become expensive as the cost of base items vastly outpaces the value of finished products. A few skills avoid this, those who's finished object is consumed.


This has an impact on the gathering skills because you need a demand for the item. While there will be demand for ores and so forth due to the finisher skills, fewer people would be interested in these skills, and might pick methods which are slower but produce more valuable products.


I suggest replacing high-alchemy and low-alchemy with various ways to destroy items for value. Not necessarily money. Mobilizing Armies is one good way.


The other option is to increase the need to spend GP at shops or NPCs or to join minigames. (Done slowly as GP enters the game via high-alchemy)


Without one of these methods you can't create a balanced economy because there aren't enough players to satisfy the desire of making finished skill objects.

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Yeah, I was basically thinking of systems implemented to games or areas similar to the MA system. Desireable rewards could also be added to MA (sadly MA isn't very enjoyable though). The implementation of the junk payment system for more widely used mini-games/areas seems to be the better option. Thanks for the feedback, I forgot about this.

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