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Hotter than an oven



For the past three day Chicago has had triple digit degree weather. Today was 103. By tomorrow afternoon, however; it should cool down. Other than the hot weather I had a pretty fun weekend with my boyfriend. Since by brother and mother were out of town I refused to sit at home alone most the day. Friday I went over his house and watched 2 horror movie (one of which was also a comedy, thou both were funny >:D) Saturday we went to a family BBQ and Sunday we went to the Shedd Aquarium and I took plenty of fish pics. We stood in line 2 hours and it rained as we were walking there. being the broke college kids we are we only had general admission, but a nice older couple visiting the city gave use tickets to the aquatic show and wrist bands that got us into all the exhibits. That was really cool of them. Because I couldn't use flash (or should not have been) so pics came out odd but I got to see the new jelly fish exhibit they had.


In runescape I've been slacking big time. Prior ro 81 mining me and a few HYT chatter tried to do Bandos, with me as the tank. I went horrible, but I lived. I was then well on my way to 81 mining when I was asked to go to Zammy God Wars. So I've stopped mining to do slayer in hopes of raising my range to 70. We'd need a tank and I was sure they'd unreasonable make me do it. Instead we went to Chaos Elemental but I died after getting hammered badly.


Nonetheless I got 52 slayer and 77 defense. I don't know how far I'll go, but I've started doing farming again. I'm just farming herbs not make money because eventually I'll start fletching and construction. I also need money for nature runes when I start super heating.


Lastly, I bought a 90 day RS card. they ucked me in with the flaming skull that they did. So I'll be P2P for an extra month.


Until next time


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