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My first Sony...ehhh...Elite clue



A while ago I did the Do No Evil quest. After some chatting with desert gods to find out about a past monkey colony in the desert and getting orders to build a new one, I found myself running around Gielinor with melting ice-creams to convince King Awowogei. After some hassle to rebuild the colony, the three wise monkeys were kidnapped and I had to defeat three bosses. Miracle of miracles, I managed to kill all three with dying on twice. Quest finished.


But after the quest, you get the possibility of finding an elite clue scroll. I like clue scrolls, so I really wanted that elite. It would be my first elite ever! After a while I found the first clue scroll at Lunar Isle. It contained an arrow pointing roughly south-east. I was a bit puzzled by this but decided to venture in the direction the arrow was pointing (on tip.it I would later learn this is called a compass clue). I teleported to Ardougne and checked the clue again. The arrow was pointing roughly south-west. I ran around the countryside for quite a bit, while amazing myself to the moving mounds there (strykewyrms, I am told there are called) Finally I discovered the next clue scroll at the fishing spots near Mobilizing Armies.

The next clue contained two conveyor-belt like things wrapping around each other. I had to move the runes on it to match. So _this_ is what a celtic knot is! I heard about celtic knots clues, because some people in my friend chat don't really like them and mentioned not liking "celtic knots cl00s" once. Since then I always wondered what a celtic knot clue was.

I moved the tracks around for a bit to get the hang of it, and then decided to first search for unique rune combinations. The red and the grey track both contained only one mist rune, so I tried combining the mist runes of both at all intersections until all red/grey intersections were green-ringed. After that it was a matter of moving the blue track until the whole picture was a green-ringed gumbo. Celtic knot solved!


After that I got some orb clues and a couple of slider puzzle clues and another celtic knot, which I solved as fast as the first one. Finally, I got a casket. I just did my first elite clue!


And I am planning to do a lot more. I like them.

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