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Still going for 80 base



These last few weeks I have slowly but surely been making progress towards the 80 base and the 80-milestone cape. I got 80 craft now, so of course I crafted the accompanying milestone cape and put it in my bank as a reminder. Now it sits there in my clothing tab teasing me each time I pull out my 70-milestone cape.

Wearing that purple cape is my main goal now. However, to reach that goal I will have to patiently grind on. So many skills to level! Lately I don't mind the grind so much. I just grind away while talking to my hyt buddies or maybe watch a little TV or a movie or something like that.

And we got yelps-lamps, troll invasion and penguin points too.


Last weekend I did reach another goal I kind of had set for myself. When dominion tower came out, I was way too low combat to enter. And 110 was so far away! With some questing and some slayering my combat levels slowly rose. Suddenly there were 10 levels left to go, then 9, then 8 and so on. I decided my 80 base goal was more important to me, but I had to level my combat skills too and decided that if I would get 110 combat while doing that, I surely would take a break and visit the dominion tower.

Last weekend I reached both 80 attack and 110 combat. And of course, I visited dom tower. I felt so proud!! I only battled like three monsters or so in the endurance mode. I totally forgot about Sigmund. And when I tried again I ran into a boss which required me to wear ice gloves. And I forgot ice gloves of course, so I couldn't wield a weapon and died. Fortunately the dominion tower is safe. Now I can kind of practise bossing in a safe zone :) without having to worry about losing gear or having to get back to my gravestone in time.

And when bosses don't scare me so much anymore, maybe I can go out in Gielinor and beat the King Black Dragon or the Kalphite Queen. Or Dagganoth Kings? Who knows! The only monster I ever hunted was the mole under Falador Park. But that one only has one skull in its tip.it monster hunting guide. Each and every time I promise myself to attend the events of TMHT. And each time I forget about it, or am not even online. Real life does take precendence over runescape.


For now, I am happily working towards 80 defence via slayer. Every now and then I collect my MTK resources and buy unfinished irit potions and eyes of newt off them. Herblore is one of the skills to level. After that, I am thinking about continuing until I get 85 defence. If I manage to get 85 magic too somewhere inbetween, I can wear gano. And they tell me Nomad is a sinch to defeat when you're wearing gano. And I still have to defeat Nomad. And the pest queen. And the dagganoth mother. Maybe I can practise killing the daggy mommy during my vacation. In september I have a whole week. It would be real cool to be able to kill all those quest bosses myself. Apart from the Pest Queen maybe. Queens shouldn't need to kill eachother, should they?


If all else fails, maybe I can cheat on that pest queen by using an instakill dart.

Otherwise I guess I will have to wait until I managed to level herblore enough for me to be able to make a restore special potion. I run out of specials real quick and after that die to her special attacks.


So much to do, so little time!





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