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Zerker Pure From Scratch

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Hello everyone, it is GreenXen here with a blog post.


Today I have started a new account as well as started the plans of leveling it to an ultimate rune pure.




So basically I want to create an account for the purpose of PvP and Slayer for EoC. One defense pures will no longer be kings of low level PvP and that is the only pure account style I own.

So I have decided to do some research and start a blog/video series of the production of the zerker account.


I have taken a look at past zerker pure guides and applied modern training and recent quests to the guidelines they recommend.


So I will take advantage of the first two weeks of the account to do as many P2P quests of the list I have as possible. Day 1 is going to dedicated to making money for training and gear.

The first target build is going to be 50 attack, 60 strength, 40 defense. Attack and Defense will be trained by questing.


In an future blog posts, I will start doing a narrated video log to go along with a text blog post.


Its off to finish the tutorial and get started!

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