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Penguin Transformation ENGAGE!




Unfortunatly after a day of trying to avoid training Agility..... I guess I have to...... * CRYS!*


To be honest I'm not really sure on the best courses to train it so I have chosen the Penguin Agility Course.....reason is...well I get to be a penguin ha and I looked it up and "Apparently" I say that rather loosely I get 540 xp everytime I complete it.

Plus I have that pumpkin amulet for the time being so I get double xp thank god ha




Ok because I forgot when I started RC last time I'm gonna document when I start and when I finally get to 99

So the time is 22:22pm...how conveniant ha on November 7th 2012... I mention the year cos [bleep] it I doubt I'll make it in like 2 months lol


My level is 59.. 40 lvls to go... BRING IT!



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