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  1. Hey guys well the time has finally arrived :) Here is my level 98 level up which happened over a week ago. When I started on the 7th November I never thought this moment would come. So this is a very proud moment :) Thanks everyone for following my agility story. It has been quite a experiance and its something that I will never forget for sure and I can not wait to find out what my next 99 will be :). After 3 months and 3 days of blood sweat and tears. Tantrums, wanting to just give up, screaming the house down. I can offically say.... I beat agility!!! you piece of shit ha :P So!!!!!!! without further delays: On the 10th February- at 13:00 pm!!!! :) :) Now whats left is to have a snap shot with my cape on :D Till next time :D CYA GUYSSS! x
  2. Status: Level 97 Sanity: Happy :D XP to next lvl: 1.1m Agility Tickets: 2 1000 Tickets Reached- 12 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Yes Guys and Girls I am still alive! Much to your everlasting happiness ha :P And yes I have still been doing agility just been forgetting to document it haha Reason? Well I have been skyping alot more recently conferance calling with my friends, they all play runescape aswell and one in particular streams quite a bit so if you wanna drop by sometime and hear my horrible voice chatting haha http://www.twitch.tv/flawlessmike Heres the link :) So moving on to the actual topic of the day and thats my agility training. I have just now got to 97! (Praise the lord!) (Heres my 96 level up cos Im a [wagon] and keep on forgetting to print screen my level 97 uugghh) Ever since I turned 92 It was advised to move away from Brimhaven and just stay at the Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course so thats basically what I've been doing And heres me right now agilitying away :P and I thought it would be better to show my level just incase people think I'm lying : S I'm a legit player who actually constantly runs around a course for most of their play time ( that sounds kinda wrong lol) Curiosity! I was talking to a friend the other day and I thought it would be funny when I reach 99 for like all my highlights of my time doing it to come up ha. Probs just be me wanting to pull my hair out, drinking Koppaberg and generally wanting to cry ha :P Just found this picture :o! Feels strange that in like 2 months and a bit I came from that ha :):) Anyway Guys sorry for not like writing for ages and I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. I have also started a new Job which is Mon-Fri so the updates may not be everyday but fairly regular :) See Ya :D
  3. Get my cape run around with it happy as larry lol Then I'll get my mate to pick 3 more skills on pieces of paper for me to pick from lol
  4. Status: Level 92 Sanity: Happy...Must Be The Alcohol Still In My System XP to next lvl: 535k Agility Tickets: 350 1000 Tickets Reached- 11 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Seeing as though I have not done this yet I thought I'd show my recent level up in Agility Hallilouyah!! I must admit it felt like I was never gonna make it to 92 it took alot longer than my other levels. Another Hallilouyah moment was that I got an Agility daily challenge! (Yes thats right luck must finally be on my side lol :P) Strangely enough it was for the Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course. For me it was a kinda wtf moment because to me that course is when you start out training agility, so I dunno when they added in the advanced course. Probs been there for ages but hey I don't keep track of everything ha My favourite bit by far is when you have to swing from 2 bars to get to the other side. Thats pretty awesome 2bh. It wasn't untill I looked this course up that I found out something really intriguing! Hmmm interesting it better be like XP that I receive or something or i'll be pissed! > :-| And why are the Gnomes such arse holes aswell! I've not done anything to them....yet haha. [bleep]'s of the Day 1. Talent Scout!: I mean seriously could my character be that stupid to fall for it each and every time!? Wish there was a another option to try and trick him... Scout: " Look over there!".... Me: "OMFG! A FLYING HAMSTER!" SMACK! 2. The Pit [bleep]s: I don't know about you but runescape like promotes gambling lol Thats not really a good message to bring to your audience lol
  5. Have you ever completed one? x
  6. Haha I am known for doing funny facial expressions lol if you love the pictures, your'll be pissing yourself if I video taped it ha. My sandwich would be flying across my room ha x
  7. Status: Level 91 Sanity: Happy New Years Eve Eve Lol XP to next lvl: 608K Agility Tickets: 283 1000 Tickets Reached- 10 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Yes just when I thought the dreaded ceremonial sword task was behind me... I have another one... this time...... IRONNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now because I've already done a task like this a couple of blogs ago I thought to myself... How hard can it be? SO! Armed with my killer sandwich of doom! I start to embark on my old enemy! *Cue Star wars music here!* Ok here we go!! Hmmm ok this looks a tad complicated but no worries I am in good spirits! Now if I remember correctly if its 4 and above you have to hard hit. And if its 3 you medium hit 2 or below soft or carefull Oki oki I've got this I've got this! WHAT!!!! YOU BAG OF ASS! Calm Amy its ok just do another one Hmmm this one seem a bit easier I guess. Wow I feel pretty proud of myself right now this is probs the closest I have ever got to not screwing it up... So I must get like...70% for that? Could do better?.................. COULD DO BETTER!!!!!!!! Is this game literally! trying to take the piss! that was almost perfect! how the hell are you even meant to get a perfect sword when even if you hit hard! you can only hit 1! Unbelievable simply unbelievable! You wait Egil! your time will come! Very SOOONN! 52%! Bellend > :-|
  8. Status: Level 89 Sanity: Merry Christmas Eve :) XP to next lvl: 268k Agility Tickets: 95 1000 Tickets Reached- 9 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Hey Guys Well I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas Eve :) Only one more sleep till we can stuff our faces with turkey and chocolates and get lots of presents :). As uses all know I bought lionel about 3 days ago? and since then I have been taking scene shots of his progress :). I have really grown so attached to him and I'm gonna be like a proud momma when he grows up all big and strong and above all scarey :P. Also because I want him to grow to an adult so badly I have paused my agility training because I can't take him into the Brimhaven course so I have now got over 1k of sharks. So this is when he was just about to go to Adolesant :) and my mate was present on the left in the green along with a creepy stalker. Only thing that bothered me was that I thought they'd be an animation when they grow up like in the sims...but nope apparently not lol And yes I went a tad over the top when it happened :P What made him even cutier was that he actually sits down and looks up at you I mean omg I almost melted so CUUTTEE OUS A GOOD BOOYY :P I have also changed the colour of my ariane clothes as you can see and I decided to go a bit more.... funky lets say. But to be honest I think it looks rather cool :) so screw what you guys think ha. BIG NEWS OF THE DAY :o My friend told me some shocking news yesterday.. theres a new pet called the Bloodpouncer. Hey Hi!? when did that happen? And apparently you can only get it if you actually go into WH Smith and buy a runescape card which gives you 90 days premium membership.... Well done jagex looking to embarass the older players into buying a game card just to get a pet ha I admit though it does look proper awesome its basically what the name suggests 2bh blazehound and skypouncer mix. Looking at a youtube video however its basically got the same abilitys as the others so really its just your choice whether you wanna risk going into a public shop ha. Was such a coincidence that a Bloodpouncer just happened to run past us while fishing so we casually just stalked the player for a bit and attempted to steal it ha But ofcourse no one can top Lionel :D
  9. Status: Level 88 Sanity: Quite happy even though we are all meant to be dead...or are we? lmao XP to next lvl: 257k Agility Tickets: 805 1000 Tickets Reached- 8 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Hey guys, Well seeing as though the world was meant to end today, we all seem to be in one piece. Just makes me wanna see the people who are actually that gullable to go underground and look for safer places to just see their faces lmao they must be [bleep]en pissed off. Anyway today is the season to basically spend your hard earned money on runescape items, one of which was 2 little fury friends a Blazehound or Skypouncers. Obviously I was as blind as a bat and didn't see them so my mate called me today to have a look, see I thought they was actually pets you got from a special quest but ohh no ofcourse Jagex try and con you out of more money to buy them at solomans general store. The only thing I bought from the store was via the free 200 coins you get so I wasn't exactly going to spend money on buying more coins so hey! what could possibly tempt me? Yea yea I was wrong the Blazehound looks absolutly awesome and I love anything that looks remotely evil.... Theres 2 down sides to this however: 1: Naming your Pet of DOOM!: You can't actually name him yourself they give you custom names.. why? I just spent money on this bullshit don't give me less choices!. But being as awesome as myself I chose the best name for him... Lionel so say hello to everyone :). 2. Jagex really try to con you out of buying more coins.....: The Blazehound are 1170 coins however when you go and buy some coins (if you haven't got any already like myself) They have a HUUUGGGE! gap between buying 800 coins to 2000... now you'd think they'd make an inbetween say 1500? but ohhh noo they are sneaky little buggers. On top of that because I had loaads!!! of coins left you got nothing else to do but buy more shit so I bought like 3 outfits and 2 teleports... got damn Jagex and their sneaky ways. Aswell as lional however I have another person to introduce you too and thats!!!!!!! ( DRUM ROLL PLLEASSEE!) You may have been wondering what the hell my title of this post was about and this was why. Meet Gerald. My mate had this teleport for ages and because I was that stubborn to get my card out and buy shit I never had the chance to own this teleport and 2bh its too awesome. So because of today I finally managed to get it. And ofcourse because I name everything I own I named him Gerald... a superb name for a Deman :)
  10. Status: Level 88 Sanity: Bit peeved off XP to next lvl: 440k Agility Tickets: 288 1000 Tickets Reached- 8 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH This has been troubling me ever since I returned to runescape. Botting back in the day when runescape classic was the newest and bestest bots never seemed to be that much of a problem you seemed to know who the bots were because they were given the same bald head, green skirt and white/creamy trousers. So whenever you did a skill such as Wooductting, Fishing, Magic etc you never ever got the stupid remarks that todays players say. For example " Hi Bots :P" Or " Wow so many bots in this area" The reason why I bring this up now is because I am actually fed up of proving to other players that I don't bot and its just happened a few minutes ago in agility and I'm pretty peeved off. I do admit what my clothes and hair are like now people could assume it is a bot, but yet again its my character I will dress her how I want without being insulted. I love my character I've raised her so to speak ever since I started 7 years ago which was 2005, the levels the 99's that I have achieved have all been done with me at the PC...maybe going a bit mad but thats besides the point. I have the philosophy that if I didn't earn it then how can I brag about it and show off that cape when I hardly put in any effort in? Its not right and people who do bot and who are reading this, why the hell have you even got a account? whats the purpose of it. It's a waste of maybe 5 minutes of your life registering picking out a name designing your character and you just leaving a software to do the dirty work. Me and my mate met someone once who was bragging about his levels to us when he got a bot to do it....wheres the pride in that? wow a pc done it for you so where was your input? Those are the ones that piss me off a bit more.. but bots in general just have no purpose. Jagex apparently put an update in to stop botters...where they bring them to a judge and a jury to be I guess permantly banned and players can actually watchit being done. Thats pretty creative but what Players really want is for Jagex to find a way to stop bots from the game all together. It maybe impossible new software can be created but their must be something that they can do to at least slow it down... all the brains that they have someone must know of a solution. The poor legit players and veterans that return to runescape after long periods of time have to now deal with stupid 11 year olds shouting out BOTTERS BOTTERS BOTTERS! when really they just want to carry on with their game. Sometimes in agility I don't wanna talk I'm watching a film or doing other things on youtube and yet you have to talk because otherwise your'll get accused or the worst act you could ever do and I'm realllllyyyyy!!!!!!! getting tierd of it. Well rant over for now
  11. Status: Level 86 Sanity: Relieved XP to next lvl: 63k Agility Tickets: 850 1000 Tickets Reached- 7 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Ok so as uses all know if you read my blog post before I have been searching and killing basilisks to get their ....head....basically To place it in my lovely home as a trophy. I can now say after 5 DAYS! I have finally found one! Thank the lord! Didn't help however that my friend came to keep me company yesterday and found one in less than an hour! And ofcourse I congratulated her accordingly....................... So I got it stuffed in canafis for 4000 gp skipped along to taveley singing. The birds were churping the leaves were blowing in the breeze and cicling around me! :) And finally got it on my wall, stood back and looked at it in absolute joy! I entitled this Me and the Creepy head :) Just to remind you guys I am actually still doing agility also as you can tell and going over the statistics I couldn't help but wonder how many levels I have gone up since I started on November 7th. It has been 1 month annnnddd 8 days. I started level 59 And I'm now on level 86. Thats 27 levels..... I must admit I am some kinda jesus or God of somekind ha
  12. Status: Level 84 Sanity: Content XP to next lvl: 12k Agility Tickets: 730 1000 Tickets Reached- 6 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Dear Baslisk, Alas old slayer creature, we not so different you and I. So scarey and horrific you destroy players with your evil eyes of doom. Even though your design is not correct and should look like a snake in harry potter. Just saying............................. I do not ask for much I am a simple girl living in a weird crazy world known as runescape like yourself. I stand before you looking like a turtle/ flying saucer, seeking....your head basically.... To put it up as a trophy in my house....and yet....you still give me nothing. Oh creature do not anger me I am not a woman who gives up so easily. I will return!!!!!( once I get bored of agility for the day) and when I do! you should be ready BE SCARED...BE HORRIFIED!! FEEELLL MY WRATH!!! MWHAHAHAHA! Lots of love Amy / Xxamzyxx Kisses... winky face, poking tongue out face, smiley face lolnness
  13. Status: Level 84 Sanity: Nooo! Its snowing > :-| XP to next lvl: 306k Agility Tickets: 3 1000 Tickets Reached- 6 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH Yes! the time has come again for me to do some daily challenges because I'm just awesome I surpose. I love that anticiption of what challenge I'll get obviously theres one I'd rather not get but HEY! not had it for months so fingers crossed I won't get it this time! So.. lets log on and begin.................. ................................................................................................................................................................................... ...................................No............................................................................................................................................ .......................................................................................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! RED ALERT! No No No No I must be seeing things! lets just look on the daily challenge board...thing.. * Puts head between hands* Ohhh nooo.......thats means I'll have to.....do SUMMONING!!!! * ENTER DRAMATIC EFFECT MUSIC HERE!* No runescape you can never convert me! the skill is useless to me! and it makes no sense > :-|, and on top of that! I've been level 6 for the past few months now I'm gonna find it difficult to actually go up levels in this skill. Ugghh right maybe I'm over exaggerating it may not be......so bad!! ( I use that term very loosly). Right so If I have read this correctly I need: 1.Wolf Bones.... Ok well you get one free from the summoning dude.... 2. Spirit shards... but 7 of them.... why 7? why not just 1... uugghh 3. A pouch 4. Gold charms... well lucky I didn't throw them away Theres 89k I won't see again wasted on buying 100 wolf bones so If I do get another stupid task I wont have to kill wolves again. It seems like alot of stuff to just make 5 spirit wolves....... you know what who cares lets just get this thing over with. You dont see this but there actually an arrow directing me to that Imperial Guard dude, its like they know that I don't wanna turn the challenge in. But ofcourse I got that strength too and went up to level 11 :'( waaahhhh!!! Wow that was difficult.... too difficult... hoping that I won't get another one ever again.
  14. Oh believe me everyone is thinking the same thing. EOC has ruined the fun of training combat but I think jagex are so in the zone of making the game more life like they have forgotten there audience and many of my friends have left because of it. They may change it in the future, personally I think they should have worlds where EOC is played and worlds where it doesn't.
  15. Status: Level 82 Sanity: Helloo I'm a Farmer XP to next lvl: 200k Agility Tickets: 140 1000 Tickets Reached- 5 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH It's Been Nearly 4 Hours! And My Strawberries Aren't Ready To Harvest And Neither Are My Oranges...Or Herbs....Or Sweetcorn.....Or Cabbages... Farming wasn't the skill I thought I would enjoy but ever since mine and Lust cordovas private jokes of me being a [bleep]en Farmer it has kinda rubbed off on me. I mean hey! being a farmer is [bleep]en awesome but I do get too attached to my crops and especially if they die without me realizing.... plant eating bastards!!! :P. Seeya Guys :P Amyyy
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