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Runescape Looking to Embarass The OVER 20'S




Status: Level 89

Sanity: Merry Christmas Eve :)

XP to next lvl: 268k

Agility Tickets: 95

1000 Tickets Reached- 9 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH




Hey Guys


Well I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas Eve :) Only one more sleep till we can stuff our faces with turkey and chocolates and get lots of presents :).


As uses all know I bought lionel about 3 days ago? and since then I have been taking scene shots of his progress :). I have really grown so attached to him and I'm gonna be like a proud momma when he grows up all big and strong and above all scarey :P.


Also because I want him to grow to an adult so badly I have paused my agility training because I can't take him into the Brimhaven course so I have now got over 1k of sharks.




So this is when he was just about to go to Adolesant :) and my mate was present on the left in the green along with a creepy stalker. Only thing that bothered me was that I thought they'd be an animation when they grow up like in the sims...but nope apparently not lol


And yes I went a tad over the top when it happened :P






What made him even cutier was that he actually sits down and looks up at you I mean omg I almost melted so CUUTTEE OUS A GOOD BOOYY :P

I have also changed the colour of my ariane clothes as you can see and I decided to go a bit more.... funky lets say. But to be honest I think it looks rather cool :) so screw what you guys think ha.




My friend told me some shocking news yesterday.. theres a new pet called the Bloodpouncer.


Hey Hi!? when did that happen?


And apparently you can only get it if you actually go into WH Smith and buy a runescape card which gives you 90 days premium membership....

Well done jagex looking to embarass the older players into buying a game card just to get a pet ha I admit though it does look proper awesome its basically what the name suggests 2bh blazehound and skypouncer mix. Looking at a youtube video however its basically got the same abilitys as the others so really its just your choice whether you wanna risk going into a public shop ha.


Was such a coincidence that a Bloodpouncer just happened to run past us while fishing so we casually just stalked the player for a bit and attempted to steal it ha





But ofcourse no one can top Lionel :D


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