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  1. Happy birthday! :D

    1. TiamatLass


      Oh thank you :)))

  2. Haha zaaps1, awesome vid :) I am not comp caper, & having a tough time of this fight, but u giving me confidence I can do this! Gratz on taking him down :)
  3. Thanks amzy, I thought I was just not up to it any more :) Jagex would be wise to move carefully to avoid alienating their customers further I guess. I have started to wonder whether loyalty means much to them beyond handing out points to spend on Xuan :)
  4. Hi again everyone, sitting here on lunch break checking whether there is any change on the status of EoC... Nothin. I have a question, is everyone else as surprised as me that Jagex haven't addressed the issues being raised? I have heard everything from "it's too hard to chat & train cb" to (edited) "EoC is rubbish". To be honest, I have gotten used to the abilities, but it isn't the pressure release it used to be. Slaying is a trial-of-button-mashing and I don't leave the game feeling chilled out any more. Is there anyone else feeling like this, or is it just me? Cheers, Tia
  5. This is all I want... not a full rollback. I don't care how much my acc has lost in value due to EoC, just want to enjoy the game again.
  6. For some reason I can't comment against ur most recent blog, but sad to see u go from p2p. I did same & hope to receive a similar e-mail. The more I think of "Momentum" worlds, the easier it seems. I would very much like Jagex to do this to keep their previous customers happy. I know I would join up again if they did. Fingers crossed they see they have a responsibility to provide a game people want to play.
  7. Combat level doesn't really seem to apply anymore anyway... No longer any point training it! Even if you have previously spent time, energy & resources to level your account, if your adrenaline level is low, you are going to cop a beating from a low level with enough adrenaline to use an ultimate ability. EoC has rendered cb pretty much useless in PvP.
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