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The Palm Twitching!




Status: Level 69

Sanity: Just kill me now

XP to next lvl: 28k

Agility Tickets: 2

1000 Tickets Reached- 1





I had to get that off my chest, its one of those days guys...when every obsticale.. is just failing! EVERY TIME ARRGGHHH!. Especially the who must not be named.. the shit stopper! that takes down your agility points by [bleep]en 2!!! arrghhh arrgghh just arrgghhh!

Now its down to like 36! and omg Ive never been so angry about an agility course in my entire life..... * breathes harshly*...... I'm too stubborn! I'm not getting skill restore potions its not [bleep]en me!! arrgghhhhhhh!





This post is deffinatly gonna have alot of beeps in I'll tell ya that.. but I really do not care I'm so close to smashing this PC into pieces


I just knew it! I [bleep]en knew this skill was gonna break me! I have never been so angry in my life.



* Moments After I'm A Celeb*



Now I have come back and re read what I put ha oh dear how embarassing. My sanity has stabilized ha and I'm going back to agility.



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LMAO! Thats technically true



However I took a vow to maximize this skill and god dammit I wont rest till I achieve it lol.

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