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I've taken a long absence away from Tip.It, so thought I'd update a bit on my progress.


Firstly, as surprising as it seems, especially to myself, I have reached 'Max Total' (or rather, what Jagex define as Max). The last levels to get are the 7 longest levels I've had to undertake - including zmi Runecrafting.


In the time I've been absent, that means I have reached 99 Summoning, Farming and Dungeoneering - some of my least favourite skills. Dungeoneering grew on me for a bit, and I have now lost motivation to train it again - whereas my interest in RuneScape has been renewed with Player Owned Ports.


The goal from here on is simply to finish up some quests that I really should have finished a long time ago. Desert Treasure and Temple at Sennisten to name a couple, as well as to increase my bank value, after having paid through the nose for several things (99 farming twice included).


Strangely, my interest in playing the game really stems from Player Owned Ports, and I thusly only login to do voyages - that is, I play a game within a game.


Anyway, that's it for now.

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