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Fairy Tales Series



So long time ago i had started and finished the first Fairy tales quest and i did have the skills to do the second or the third one at the time.


So today i looked to get the second one done seeing that over time i had got the skills i needed. It looking like a quest i could take care of real quick also to get to unlock the fairy ring tele. Ya this quest i was going to finish.




Starting it this quest off wasnt the greatest >.> i talk to the master farmer then run to the lost city then go to the house that the next step told me to go to.... Just the quest helper pic was different then what i was seeing in game >.< So i go run in the room then i go see if i could go in to another room. NOPE its locked and at this point i was ready to stop the quest and maybe go kill a monster or two. Then i brought up the Runescape quest in game and it said i had to wait for the farmers plants to grow o.e


Maybe this is a listen for me to read every once in a while. So i go back to him to continue my quest. NOW everything is running back to how the guide tells me. In the quest alittle bit more they want me to pickpocket the GODFATHER. So i was like ok i got this it should be fine. My lvl is way higher then what the requirements are calling for. Well lets just say i was get kicked out of the lost city more then i should of have.


Now almost done the quest all i have to do is kill a monster and make the potion what else could go wrong. Well the guide i was looking at was making these monster to be tough and that when i kill one to go quick telegrab the item you need and run.




Lets say either the guy was weak when making the guide or the EoC really made us strong. I went in killed one the others didnt even attack and i was off to finish yet another quest ^.^




With this quest done my herb lvl went up




So with that done i took a look at what the third part of the series had waiting for me. Well lets just say i have been wanting that magic watering can for a long time and today i shall get it!


After running around getting all the teeth i needed i was ready for another easy fight....




Lets say at first i thought i was going to be teleing out but when my teeth grow and started to help. Lets just say that we were killing.

We got trough the waves of baddies and going to the boss... But my one ally was down and regrowing and the other two were fighting the boss. Then they both die and then they started to regrow..... so the one that had already regrew was sitting of to the side to wait for his friends so i guess i had to do the same.




After alittle bit i had got them all back and started to attack the boss. Then the boss was on his last shield then he stopped attack. But my guys were beating the poop out of him. Nothing was happening though i start to attack him but he just sat there........


After moving some of my guys around i was able to get his last shield and start attacking him.




So now i have finished the whole series of the Fairy Tales ^.^




My next quest probably be Death Plateau AGAIN!!! ( For some reason when they added the new updated area it made who ever did the quest make them do it again >.>) and then desert treasure.


Why those two quests? Well heres why:

1) I need Death Plateau so i can get to the spot were my clue scroll wanted me to go.

2) I need Death Plateau to make spike boots for Desert Treasure.

3) I need to do Desert Treasure for Recipe for Disaster.......

Recipe for Disaster has been on my unfinished list for..... man feels like its been there for ever o.e.


Well for the people who are wondering what i got for the wheel well here you go( Also it was a new day so i had a total of 7 spins)











Till my next adventure Cya.



p.s. Sorry for any miss spelling or grammar XP


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