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Ideas :/



Right now i am finishing the clue scroll but after that idk what i want to do.


1) I could do more slaying


2) I could start Desert Treasure sooooo

I can finish Recipe for Disaster and get my last home tele stone


3) I could do Some tasks and in doing that lvl skills to get tasks done. But what task should i do?


What tasks i have done:

Med Falador

Hard Lumbridge

Easy Varrock

Easy Ardougne


what one you think i should work on or what one should i really get cause it will help me. (if i didnt list another task is cause i have not done them.)


If you can comment on any other idea it would be helpful to ^.^

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If you want a bit of break from slayer, I'll say go for tasks. Some of the rewards, well almost all can be useful in the long run. Plus give you a chance to train some skills and quests. After that, you'll feel good about doing more slayer, after a small break.

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