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A Slayer Loot Tab



Yay 2m!



Last week I've decided to start a slayer loot tab. Normally I ignore drop unless they look good, then I usually sell them off and somehow blow the money off. So instead, I've started a loot tab. Lots of players have these and their tab is crazy wealth. So people claim "Oh, a lot of those items would have been worth so much more if you sold them when...", but really, it fun to collect and see just how much you can get in a number of task. So I started a google doc spreadsheet (got to complex in excel and I cba) off the drops I pick up. A lot of it is really monster dependent. I don't pick Adamant chainbodies from Waterfiends, but the metal dragons don't drop much outside bar of their type, so I cart of the Adamant swords and such. Oh and I got this on a slayer task.


I missed 90 hp on another task, and if you noticed, I got me a new toy (Royal xbow)


In other news I finished my first PoP scroll and have moved on to the second. I've decided to go for a melee on despite not having the smithing level and not getting a plate mission ever. I'll be getting fishing to 85 and fletching as soon as I finish dungeoneering, which it I actually dung, will be today. I started with the body and already got 1 piece. And I'm 8/10 bones from scrimshaw supply ready.





EDIT: I have all the bones I need for 1 scrimshaw now. :D



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Nice, Polar! I'm also keeping a loot tab till 99, is that what you are planning?

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Nice, Polar! I'm also keeping a loot tab till 99, is that what you are planning?


I dunno. For now I'm just keeping it for fun. I'll try not to sell anything until 99 slayer, but I don't see myself getting 99 in any skill. 90 herblore was hard and I didn't pay attention to 90 range because I got it through summoning. And I was using free exp for these (hati gloves, dec aura). Maybe I will go for 99 slayer. For now it still has some freshness to it. I'll have to see how I feel in a month of tracking.

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