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An important meeting for the Guardians of Guthix



Kaqemeex: Hello everyone.


Chaeldar: Hi!


Fiara: Hello.


Death: Hi.


Juna: Hey.


Valluta: Good morning.


Kaqemeex: You all know why we're here, of course. We have to discuss how best to honor Guthix's memory.


Valluta: We must remain at our posts. Guthix tasked us to protect this world, and we shall.


Juna: Of course. But the world should remember Him. How can we spread the tragic news with dignity and respect?


Death: I could kill the Easter Bunny.


Fiara: Yes! Perfect!


Kaqemeex: Okay, good ideas so far. Anything else?


Chaeldar: Butterflies. Butterflies everywhere. Little glowing butterflies that turn to smoke when you touch them.


Juna: I like that idea.


Kaqemeex: How about some Guthix-themed costumes that we could give out for free?


Death: What, like "I Heart Balance" t-shirts?


Chaeldar: I can't imagine who would wear those.


Juna: I for one have never worn a t-shirt in my life.


Valluta: Nor I.


Fiara: What's a t-shirt?


Death: Hey, I like t-shirts.


Fiara: Ooh! I've got it! It's the perfect plan! You guys are gonna love this.


Kaqemeex: Yes, Fiara?


Fiara: TREES!




Fiara: Really weird trees!




Fiara: Glowing trees with creepy faces that drip a brightly-colored liquid of indeterminate origin.




Fiara: We can put them everywhere.


Kaqemeex: Um...


Valluta: That's...


Juna: The greatest idea I've ever heard!


Valluta: I was just about to say that!


Chaeldar: Let's do this!


Death: I have some great creepy faces we could use.


Juna: I can handle the glowing liquid.


Fiara: Best. Tribute. Ever.

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Still waiting on the "How to make herblore more expensive" public meeting that's suppose to be this month...

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