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News from real life and scape







We have reviewed the applicants for our fall internship and would like to speak with you about the position in an interview at our office. We need three things from you before moving forward."



Thank you for applying to Loop’s Summer Internship Program. Please be advised that the application process closes Monday, April 15th at which time we will start our selection process. You will be notified of a decision on or about May 15th."




This, is good news. I never ever EVER thought these people get back to me, or offer me any type of interview. If God would be so good to me, I'll do great on my interview from the first company then get an interview and rock it from Loop. 2 internships in the summer and fall would be sooooooo great!


Now on to Runescape





Dat RotM icon



I also got bored recently, so I decided to go to Zammy GWD and went to 2 seperate hour solo trips.





I'm rich [cabbage] BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Naw, jk. But it was kinda fun. Since I need 80 crafting and can't get it in a reasonable time with urns, I'll be bossing more. I eventually have to do A Love Story so ideallly that is my next quest to cape.


Until next time ya'll.

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