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A P2P year in review






Today marks 1 year I've been P2P. WHEEE~


Okay first some recent levels I got.






Next let's compare levels from then and now



Since becoming P2P I've earned 1074 levels.




I've completed 375 task most important being the hard Seers Village, Fremennik, and Morytania task.




Quest Cape!


I also probably have a <50m bank but whatever.


I have killed every boss in the game minus Tormented Demons.

I have been part of the EoC Beta from start as well as NIS AND HTML5.

I died lots!


Yay! So now that a year has passed it's time for new goals. Here they are.


99 mining/smithing by end of summer

99 Fletching

99 Slayer

90 base

Full Testu

Full Death Lotus


I did a lot of work this year, not as much as others but I made lots of process. Next year I hope to make more.

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My favorite thing about your stats is that the "easier" ones (cooking, fletching, firemaking) are some of your lower ones. Keep it up polar!

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Wow very nice man! i see you have had a busy year and prob. are going to be more busy this year! Keep up the great work and don't fall short of a goal. Keep climbing with persistance you can achieve anything!!! im rooting for you man! Good luck on 99 smith/ mine those will take a while =p

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