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Day #1 Under the Sea!

Rellik Sans



Welcome to day one of my blog!


So, today I really started working on the account. So far I am only at 15 Firemaking and 12 Woodcutting, but I'm not done yet. I am hoping that I'll get 30 Woodcutting and Firemaking by the end of tonight. I have about 4 more hours left, so it shouldn't be a problem. I guess it really depends on my motivation.


Is it just me or is it really sad that burning the logs into fires, not bonfires then taking the ashes is worth more than just cutting the log? I mean 1 inventory of ashes is 8,876gp where as 1 inventory of regular logs is 4,816gp. That's almost double the amount of money just for ashes! I guess that makes it worth burning them without a bonfire, at least until you get to Yew Logs.


It takes 97 regular logs to get to 15, that's 30,749gp just in ashes for regular logs.

It takes 292 oak logs to get to 30, that's 92,564gp for the oak log ashes.

It takes 714 willow logs to get to 45, that's 226,338gp for the ashes of willow logs, and then it takes 2,122 maple trees to get to 60 - which is 672,674gp for maple log ashes.


That totals to 1,022,325gp in ashes from level 1 woodcutting to level 60. If you use willows until 60 woodcutting then you make 1,346,299gp! All off of just burning the logs you cut separately. I think that's crazy.. but that's just me. Plus that gets you to level 63 firemaking, now I know you'll probably get a higher firemaking level using bonfires, but the money you make seems worth it to me, especially if you're on a new character like I am.


If you were to sell the logs this is what you'd get..


Regular Logs: 16,684gp

Oak Logs: 35,624gp

Willow Logs
(to 45)
: 14,280gp

Willow Logs
(to 60)
: 77,160gp

Maple Logs: 95,490gp


That's a total of 129,468gp if you do all willows to 60, and 162,078gp that's over an 800k difference, just for burning the logs for ashes.


That's my rant and knowledge for the day! Good night/day!

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Wow I never even thought of collecting the ashes to make money that's a great idea.


You should make this blog into a thread, it's already going amazing!

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nice blog and I like it how you think about stuff , you're not someone who just does stuff what is faster/gp

you actually think about it , i like that (:

i'll be sure too watch more about you !

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