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Day #2 & #3

Rellik Sans





These past 2 days have been really slow, yesterday I got level 20 Mining & 30 Smithing after I finished getting 30 Woodcutting and 30 Firemaking the night before. Today I am at 25 Mining, since yesterday I got distracted and went to a baseball game. I was hoping to have mining done yesterday so that I could get 30 Fishing and Cooking today, but I guess I'll have to pick up the pace and work harder. So far I've made about 75k, but I bought and Rune Pickaxe and Hatchet to put on my toolbelt. Those ashes definitely come in handy for quick cash as a newbie!


I'll start posting screenshots of level ups once they get to like 50+ because I don't think 30-49 is that great of an achievement.


See you later Alligators!

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like I promised i'll be folowing this blog ^^

have to say i love too read these kind of blogs and i'll be sure too watch EVERY blog you write

good luck with your goals !

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You're off to an excellent start, but you need to spend less time outdoors and more time playing RuneScape! (*pfft* baseball) :P


Also, be sure to stop by the 'F2P United' friend chat. We're not always the most talkative bunch, but we can certainly help with any questions you might have.

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