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Oh Parents, Part XI - Smartphone Adventures!

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So my last entry was over a year ago, with life taking a dramatic turn, leading me to work in the gaming industry. It has been a year full of blessings, and I have met so many awesome people along the way.


Of course, after joining the industry, I was finding myself semi-glued to my phone with e-mails and general social media catch up, not to mention news. At this point, most people in our family have smartphones, except my dad. Now that he's finally gotten around to handling e-mails, he figured he could get one too.


This, naturally, doesn't happen without some hilarity. So with this comeback blog entry comes "Oh Parents" Part XI! ^_^ Whole conversation is in Cantonese, translated into English. My parents were having this conversation while debating on whether or not to let Dad get a smartphone (Mom has one and is a total pro at it with little teaching from us kids).


Mom: You know if you pick out a phone yourself, something will go wrong and you start yelling at the phone, the kids are going to say it's your fault and that you were the one that picked out the phone yourself. Whereas if you let the kids pick the phone for you, if something goes wrong they'll fix it for you with no fuss.


Dad: What do you mean blame? If it breaks, I can get them to fix it no problem.


Mom: But that's exactly what I mean! If you pick it yourself, and the phone goes bad, they'll say it's your fault for picking out a bad phone! But if they pick it for you they will try to fix it with no problem.


Dad: It's not my fault if the phone goes stupid!


Mom: That's the point. The kids want to make sure you get a phone that won't "go stupid." But if you do pick a bad phone, it's all your fault.


Dad: I don't get it.


:? We're holding off getting a smartphone for him.

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I do not have that luxury, both my dad and my mum's phone were both picked by themselves, and I don't have one (work prohibits any mobiles, especially ones with camera), yet I am pretty much responsible for all their phone woes...

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Arguments in Cantonese about smartphones which are then translated into english are always great

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