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The News in Brief



The oldest tree in RuneScape, an appropriately-named Elder Tree near the resting place of Guthix, is turning 0.009 years old this week. No celebration is planned.


The Keldagrim Black Guard still refuses to release information on the four prisoners recently arrested on suspicion of spying and treason, spurring more protests from Dwarf Rights activists. Reports conflict as to whether the prisoners were exiled, executed, released, or kept in custody. None of the four has received a trial.


The ancient and powerful demon warlord of Zamorak, K'ril Tutsaroth, stars in a new reality show this fall titled "The K'ril World". Entrants must prove their worth to the mighty champion of chaos. The winner earns a date with K'ril himself. Commented Tutsaroth: "I will flay the flesh from your bones. Your blood will paint the floor. Your soul will be a tribute to the Lord of Chaos. Thank you for the lovely flowers. Hail Zamorak!"

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I gotta see who gets to date Kril... I have money on Zil'Yana, they would make such a lovely couple...

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