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It's been a while since I've updated, and I don't even remember all I did. But I remember most so let's get it.


I did Fate of the Gods, but failed to do the newest quest.



I got sorta bored afterwards so decided I'll do slayer until I feel like stopping.




Then I realized it is possible for me to get 99 Slayer and 2400 total at the same time, given my current levels. So I decided I'll try that because while not original, it would be cool to do still. So I'll be range slaying until then, and by time I get 99 slayer I'll have 2 more 99s under my belt (range/hp).


I've been doing pretty good so far. And got some pretty decent drops to add to my loot tab.




I even did a clue and got a pretty sweet fashionscape hat



Speaking of Fashionscape I took advantage of the skiller weekend and did Pyramid Plunder. But not for xp.




Of course now if I want 99 slayer/2400 total I can't afford to level up in any other skill, having gotten 92 thieving ( I was very close so I couldn't avoid it unless I didn't do pp). But hey, such the price I pay for 3/4 Black Ibis pieces.


Until next time


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