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Dagannoth Kings and overload potions




So, I got 99 herblore. That means I have quite the amount of overload potions in my bank. Well, flasks, actually. So, when Kuradal assigned me Mithril Dragons, I took a sip of overload potion to test it. And wow did those Mithril Dragons die fast at my super-duper-overloaded combat stats! I discovered that overloads are simply awesome, as not only they boost your stats really good, but they remain boosted too for the complete overload time. Since I was used to super- and extreme potions, I expected for the overload effect to gradually decrease over time, as the superpotions do. But it didn't. My stats remained boosted until I got a message in my chatbox that said I felt normal again. Well, that was visible immediately: those mithril dragons suddenly died a lot slower :)


So, gradually I am getting used to being in the high range of combat stats. And getting used to that I have access to overloads.

I took those overloads to The Mighty Falls' Graardor, you know, that Kyzaj fight at Yubiusk. I tried that battle before, and usually got him down to somewhere around 23k lifepoints before dying. But that was before overloads, and with that good mithril-dragon-tryout in the back of my head, I rather impulsively decided to try again. I was strong now, after all, because I could overload. To be sure, I did take a sign of life. That way, when I died I could continue from where I was.


I killed Graardor, partly because of the overload and partly because I tried him before and got more and more succesfull at dodging that sweep-special of his. Still, when the fight was over I had 133 lifepoints left (eoc lifepoints) and no sign of life. So it was close, but I did it!



And then, last Sunday afternoon, some people in hyt decided to go to the Kalphite King. Moments after they went, Dragonkng198 came into hyt, rather jokingly complaining they didn't take him along.

So I responded "don't worry you can always teach me how to dks", expecting it to be a joke.


Well, that joke got serious real quick, as Draggle immediately took me up on that offer. We met at Neitiznot bank, where we ran a first-time-ever-checklist to make sure I had everything in terms of weapons, potions and food that I needed to survive for a bit. Then we went to waterbirth island, where we had to navigate a lot of caverns filled with a lot of aggressive beasties before we even got to the caverns where the Dagannoth Kings live. I had no real idea where we were going but I soon understood that I just had to go for the next ladder while following Draggle. At the last resting place before the fight cavern, Draggle explained what I needed to do: which protection prayers, which King, which weapon. It was quite a lot to take in, so I focused on remembering how to start: I had to equip my Cobalt Balmung and attack some guy called Supreme. From there on, I would have to mage something, and after that I had to range something.


Well, it was very much overwhelming and challenging and thrilling and fun, as I had to switch weapons (and ability bars) all the time, but I managed to keep up, mostly thanks to Draggle and thanks to that little dialog box that you get when you hover over a monster that has an icon in it stating the monsters weakness. Naturally, at first I forgot to re-pot, so my overload ran out and my prayer ran out. But eventually I got the hang of that too. Still, I hadn't time to talk, because I had too much other stuff to pay attention too, being totally new to this kind of thing.


In the end I even managed to outhit Draggle on Supreme a couple of times, which was very surprising as he has 99 melee stats and was wielding dual drygore maces, and I have lvl 86 melee stats with a Cobalt Balmung. That Balmung must be really really effective on dagannoths.


And apparently the game wanted me to come back to dks soon, as my first drop ever from Dagannoth Supreme was a Dragon Hatchet. Beginners luck, no doubt, but a nice surprise nevertheless.


Once I have enough geepee to be able to buy decent range armour again (I spent it all on supplies for herblore and prayer), I will sure pay the Dagannoth Kings another visit!


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By the way, I have to admit I still don't really understand the splitting/coinsharing/lootsharing thing, but I strongly suspect that will come in due time :)

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