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Level 91 Smithing - There's No Stopping Me ;)

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I gotta need for speed! I seem to be leveling at crazy fast rates :blink:...you guessed it, I'm already at 91 smithing! I shudder when I see I have nearly 50k gold bars mined and smelted by my own hands (well err, my avatar's hands). How long can I really keep this up? Each level ticks away away like the minute hands of a clock...counting down the moments till I hit this epic 99. The familiar bitter-sweet feeling I had with 99 mining has returned with this final leg of my journey. Yet again I must accept the fact another far-off goal is coming to a close. It makes me imagine what will RuneScape be like once I have achieved my two most desired goals? A question for the ages is it not?


[hide=Level 91 screenshot]91smithinglsrs230447.png[/hide]


My mining xp is just rolling in by the truckload and I have a >400 rank on the hiscores. My pickaxe's ravenous hunger cannot be quelled...it merely craves more and more ore :twisted:!

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