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Pulling the covers off the furniture.




The lock creaks as the bolt is turned back and the door squeals in its frame with each push. A shoulder slams into it and the door is thrown open with a bang, small gold lettering now visible on the frosted glass: "Kaida23". Dust hangs in the light from the hallway as a hand gropes blindly along the wall. With a loud click a switch is flipped and fluorescent bulbs flicker reluctantly to life bathing the small office in their harsh light. Various plaques and pictures adorn the walls, some barely visible through dust covered glass, and the various pieces of furniture that take up the room are covered with sheets. As the cover is pulled off of the largest one, more dust is tossed into the air revealing a desk with burn marks along its edges and a typewriter flanked by ashtray, pencils and coffee cup exactly as they were left, along with various other sundries and detritus strewn about. Everything is just as it was so long ago.


A look around the room reveals random papers of half-started blog posts and bookcases strewn with books, training guides, and long forgotten submissions. An old Times publishing schedule hangs from a clipboard. A hand gently wipes a layer of dust from the Moderator commissioning scroll on the wall behind the desk. The chair creaks and groans as it is sat in, its wheels amazingly still smooth as they roll along the floor. A cabinet door is slid open to reveal several empty bottles, most long since dried out but with one still guarding a splash of liquid promise at the bottom.


"Guess I'll have to restock the bar", is muttered to no one in particular. The bottle is raised, and "To starting over!" is declared as its last gulp is quickly drained. Fresh ribbon and paper are put in the typewriter, a cigarette is lit, and a familiar tap-a-tap-tap-ding fills the room.


There are many stories left to tell, and this will be the place that they are told.


Greetings once again real life blog lovers. :)


I hope you all enjoyed my little into piece. I did something similar when I returned to my RS blog, but I think I better captured the atmosphere I was going for with this one. This was also the first time I've tried writing something in this style of narration. It's harder than you'd think. Still, it was a neat little project and I think worked out really well.


It's hard to believe it's been over 3 years since I posted here last. I know I never posted much in this blog having focused mostly on my RS blog before, but hopefully I can keep up with it better this time around. So join me if you will on a journey though my musings, ramblings, and rants and maybe we'll see if we can't also have a little fun along the way. ;)


Until next time! |^_^|

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