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Has it really been four years?

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I noticed something this morning: I joined Tip.It four years ago yesterday.


Four. Years. :shock:


I can't believe it's really been that long. I still remember joining just so I could comment on Lady Shahdie's blog before she got 99 Mining, and I remember starting my own blog (which hits the four year mark on Friday) the day after her party.


So many memories.


Memories of how much fun it was, and still is, commenting on other people's blogs and responding to their posts. Of the first time I wandered into the OT section. Of wandering away for weeks, and even months, at a time and realizing how much I missed every time I came back. Of applying for the EP and how happy I was when I was accepted. Of finally getting 99 Mining and partying with everyone. Of being invited to be a mod, how helpful everyone was while I was still getting the hang of it and how much fun it's been since.


Not everything has been good of course. Many friends have come and gone along the way. Some come back every so often only to disappear again (I'm looking at you Zokot ;)), and some have recently returned, full of fresh hope, hopefully to stay for a long time yet to come (what up Nerdboy! :grin:). Perhaps the saddest day for me was when Lady Shahdie retired and left us for good. We may not have been the best of friends, but she was the reason I joined TIF in the first place and was always special to me.


So here's to the past four years and how awesome they have been!


Innkeeper! A pint of the dark stuff please.





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Congrats Kaida! Hope to be around as long as possible, still sad I missed you getting 99 mining but I'll do my best to be around for more great achievements of yours. Was also surprised to see you were a mod when I returned! Here's to a few more years :)

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Hell yes! A capital suggestion. Drinks all 'round to celebrate.


Thanks everyone. :)

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