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Some RC, Some Slayer

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Had a nice quiet night at home - got home, helped the wife make some very nice split pea soup, cleaned up, and then played RS for a little while.


I decided to start on the mountain of Astrals I have to craft. I did four "sets" of runs. I define a set as the time it takes for a freshly repaired Giant pouch to degrade again. I think that's roughly ten trips to the altar, which I count as 500 essence. I then make an Abyss run to repair them.


Up until today, I would make a load of laws while at the Abyss. However, now I'm doing Deaths to avoid the annoyance of ditching my armor and mud staff.


After ~2k essence, I figured I'd take out my Slayer task. I had somewhere between 150 and 200 Banshees from Summona, so I hopped in the well in the desert and tucked myself into the safe spot. It's amazing how fast a cannon tears through those Mighty Banshees. Drops were nice, too - 700ish pure essence, loop half, clue, 6 ranarr, and 40 odd charms (mainly green). If I hadn't cannoned, it would have been profitable. Heck, it might have been anyways.


Clue sucked, of course, though it was only 2 emotes and 1 Sara Wizard.




Oh, and this:



I have the gold ore for 90. I was going to do Adamant Plates, but gold ore is so much more AFKable.

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