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Top 10 Favorite Quests

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It's no secret that questing is my favorite aspect of Runescape. It's not just the rewards earned--it's the story. Lots of players never truly explore the storyline of Runescape; for me, it's one of the game's greatest strengths. So this week, I've compiled a list of my 10 favorite quests based on their story.





10. Grim Tales


Grim Tales doesn't offer much in terms of substance, but it has a lot of style going for it. I really enjoyed climbing a beanstalk to conquer a giant and shrinking down to miniature size to battle giant mice. I found the dialogue amusing as well. The Q is silent!



9. The Great Brain Robbery


This quest has it all. Zombies, pirates, mad scientists, brain surgery, werewolves, giant monsters, and scuba diving. I don't know what else you could ask for. The Barrelchest is pretty damn cool, the redemption of Dr. Fenkenstrain is almost heartwarming, and brain surgery is surprisingly comical in the context of zombies.



8. Dream Mentor


I always enjoy the occasional fourth wall joke. Cyrisus was a favorite character of mine because of the way he was the only NPC that was really just another player. Cyrisus was one of us: he had a bank account with all sorts of common items stored away, he went adventuring on quests, and he trained his skills to high levels. Battling manifestations of his subconscious fears and anxieties actually made for exciting boss battles. The concept was nothing new--A Soul's Bane had already been there and done that--but the execution was far better. And after the quest, he remained an exciting character: he went out on his own and battled boss monsters, Bounty Hunted, and took down TzTok-Jad. Basically, he was what we call badass. In memory of Cyrisus, Dream Mentor makes my Top 10 list.



7. Swan Song


I'm a fan of the Wise Old Man for many of the same reasons as Cyrisus. In fact, pretty much exactly the same reasons as Cyrisus. I guess I just really like teamwork quests. My favorite part of this quest, though, was raising the army of skeletal mages to fight the sea trolls. Now that was awesome. And I like that you can still use the bone seeds to summon more skeletons after the quest is finished.



6. The Chosen Commander


This quest actually deals with some fairly serious themes. To what extent is violence justified? How much free will do we really have? And it all culminates in a battle against Bandos himself. This is a pretty epic quest.



5. Cold War/Hunt for Red Raktuber


The penguin storyline is a very lighthearted take on the evil world-domination plot. While the espionage and antics are comical, as the storyline progresses, well...it's still pretty comical. Cold War doesn't really have the creepiness of the Sea Slug quests, the darkness of the Myreque quests, or the mystery of the Glouphrie quests. But you know what it does have? It has octopus hats. It has penguin mafias. It has cowbells. It has talking polar bears and dwarves in penguin suits and penguins in sheep suits. I don't know about you, but comical is fine with me.



4. Darkness of Hallowvale


The first two Myreque quests are relatively boring. So there's a few humans who live in a cave in a swamp trying to survive. Yeah, yeah. What are they doing there in the first place? Why should we care? There's no real villain to get you worked up--they're screwed, but they aren't screwed because they're oppressed, they're screwed because they live in a crappy neighborhood.


Then you visit Meiyerditch. And oh my god, it's truly horrifying.


There's just this atmosphere of futility and despair. All the humans are ghostly pale because of all the blood that's been drained from them. They're kept in disgusting slums and harvested like cattle, or else enslaved in underground mines and worked until they collapse from exhaustion. And it's not just that--there's so much detail. You can see malnourished puppies wandering the slums. There are bucket spawns that you can't even pick up because they smell so disgusting--possibly the closest thing to a toilet you'll ever find in Runescape. There are leaves and dust that blow in the wind. There's the sheer number of vampyre sentinels patrolling the skies of the city, if you can truly call it any kind of city--besides an atrocity.


Darkness of Hallowvale makes me want to kick Drakan's vampyre [wagon] from here to Isafdar.



3. The Curse of Arrav


I really love the Ocean's Eleven-type theme of this quest, where Ali the Wise explains the traps and obstacles you'll be facing as you attempt to steal one of the most heavily-guarded prizes in all of Runescape. (See, why couldn't we get that sort of thing for Path of Glouphrie? Could've avoided the whole death-trap business at the end.) The corridors are full of human-detection traps. You can sneak through the sewers, but there's an electric current that zaps you to death as soon as you touch the water. And even if you get through those, the zombies patrolling the inner corridor will catch you and raise the alarm. If you can sneak by the zombies, you still have to get through the combination lock, which will set off sleeping gas if the code is entered incorrectly. After that, the floor of the final room is crisscrossed with magical laser beams that roast you if you touch them, and on the other end is Arrav's heart, which can't be removed from the pedestal on which it sits without killing him. Your task? To steal the heart and use it to break the spell on Arrav and set him free from Zemouregal's mind control.


Good luck. :mellow:



2. My Arm's Big Adventure


My Arm's Big Adventure has probably the best cutscenes the game has ever seen. First you get to watch wistfully at a scene where a set of full dragon and an abyssal whip are lying on the ground, with left-click options to pick them up, even. And you can click on them. And if you do, you get yelled at for not paying attention and the scene starts over. FRUSTRATION! Then you get to watch a troll wreak havoc in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Then you get to see the Drunken Dwarf knocked off a cliff, a scene known to elicit cheers. It's not epic, but it's epically hilarious, and my pick for the funniest quest in Runescape.




And, coming in at #1...


[hide]1. While Guthix Sleeps


I wouldn't be surprised if you saw this coming. While Guthix Sleeps is the quest. Lucien is the power-hungry villain. Infiltrating the Black Knights' secret hideout was infinitely more exciting the second time around, and the deadly conclusion is one of the game's most dramatic moments. But what really does it for me is unlocking the ancient secrets. When I descended down the chasm into the ancient Guthix temple, at first it was no different than exploring the Underground Pass, the Haunted Mine, or the dungeon from Legends Quest. But where those dungeons were creepy largely because of the haunting presence, the Guthix temple is spooky because it's so empty. It really feels like it's been untouched by anything for thousands of years. And coming up to the Stone of Jas was awe-inspiring--the scale, the glow, the magical sheen...its power is just obvious. And then the Balance Elemental, which is IMHO one of the coolest monsters in the game. And finally that cliffhanger at the end, just dangling the dragonkin in front of us.


While Guthix Sleeps is a truly epic quest. Parts of it may be underwhelming (catching a wild broav to sniff dirty laundry?), but the climax is worth it. For sheer pwnage, While Guthix Sleeps is my #1 favorite quest.[/hide]



Agree? Disagree? That's what the comments section is for, people. Have at it. :razz:

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Wow, another person who actually likes Darkness of Hallowvale, I thought it was only me. I agree (not so much on the order) with most of these quests. And i'm going to have to agree with the person above me, Grim Tales was pretty average. On the whole, nice work. :D

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