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The End of sub-90 Skilling

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I've always, in every game I've played, tried to be "strong" for my level. I don't know why, but it's true. Somehow, in Runescape, this morphed into combat hitting a brick wall roughly 4 years ago. I started off wanting to get a 99 before level 90, and got the 99 (and several more), but 90 combat never happened.


Well, I decided a while back to get to roughly 2030 total and then push past 90 combat. I came to this conclusion for a few reasons.


First, and most importantly, I'm getting tired of the game again. I only have a few non-combat skills left to get 99s in, and they're pretty boring sometimes.


Second, I want to experience some new content. There's a lot out there that I haven't done because I'm low combat.


Finally, if you think about it, my account is nothing "special" anymore. It used to be that a low level with several 99s was pretty cool, but now they're everywhere. Since the GE makes merchanting so easy, seeing a level 3 with 99 crafting and herblore isn't all that uncommon anymore. Heck, several of them have higher slayer than I do!'


It's the end of an era. At this point, I have been 8X combat for 4 years, even though about half of that was not playing.



I rolled it with 92 mage, stringing amulets with Astrals that I made.


At the end, I was 89 combat at 2032 total. That's:

22.83 levels per combat

84.67 average level

1498 skills levels

93.625 average skills level

94.4 average skills level without Slayer

534 combats levels

66.75 average combat skill level


Final skiller high scores:




From here, I plan on moving my combats up to roughly where my skills are. I think I still want to keep most my skills above combats (except RC). I think I'll take a page from my dear friend Ard's book and go for balance.


99 Mage is on its way!





2033: String Amulets



2034: Quests only, I think!



2035: Stringing Amulets





92 Combat's a "while" off. 2 mage levels, which will take 3 days probably.

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