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ZOMG! First entry!




Welcome blog addicts, to the first entry in my new blog! Pull up a chair and get comfortable. Can I offer you some milk and cookies? This will be much more day-to-day than my RS blog, full of the pointless happenings in my life that I'm sure all of you love reading about.


For instance: today I worked on creating a new blog in the Tip.It forums. Betcha didn't see that coming, eh? :lol:


I also spent a great deal of time getting the wonderful animated .gif to the left working properly. A big thanks to Toast647 and his awesome guide (found here). <3: Now I just need to find a recording program that uses up less RAM than Camtasia. It took several tries to make it as every time I activated the recorder, RS slowed to a crawl and I was only seeing/recording half the animations. And of course, the first few tries I practically one-hit the addy so I had to jump worlds and try again... :wall:


But now I must go, faithful reader. The duties of hearth and home call me forth once more (read: if I don't get off the computer right now, my girlfriend is going to throw something at me). Ah, the excitement in my life just never ends.





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Kaida came over to community blogs? This news is indeed full of win :thumbsup:! Also don't mind if I do about those milk and cookies...*noms*

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