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The greatness starts

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_:About me:_

Okay... to start of this blog (disclaimer: May or may NOT contain greatness) I might as well post what I did today right? And then I get to my day in RS.)


I'm 14 (male), live in P.A., am homeschooled, and have various interests. One is RS (duh?), the others are too many to mention. Did I mention that I have a afro? And I'll leave that at that.


Today's "greatness"

Let's see... I woke up at 7 AM, read a book and quickly played RS for 5 - 10 minutes to finish a quest. At 8 AM, I start my school stuff - I'm homeschooled, so my school is at my desk. I have done my assignments up until now, where I am taking a few minutes to take a break before I finish my school day 100%. Ummm... I had soup for lunch? Does that count as blog-related info? Nah, Jking :razz: (but I did have soup) That and I can't wait for 8 PM (EST) tonight so I can watch my favorite weekly Tv show. <3


In RS.... Let's see, I got to 50 Hunter, I need to get to 61 for the new Dwarf quest, I got my Slayer to 43, have 76 Lesser Demons left on my current task (out of 156), I got a Rune Med Helm on my first run to the Lessers - sold that for 11k . My bank now has 1.1M of Gold in it. I took a break from slaying, and I am now at Catherby (well, not at this moment, as I'm not logged on) fishing for some sharks to get a quick 200k to restock my supply of food. It lasted about a month. Most of it went to my last Bork kill. Oh yea, speaking of Bork, I have only killed him 4 times - last was Sep. 16. I really need to go pay him a visit... He must be getting lonely :P.


After I get 200k worth of sharks, I'll finish my Slayer task, and probably then work on training my Hunter some more. After that, I don't know.


Today's Picture(s) [1 Picture entry]

These are the screens that I took today.. Only took one.


If I had a vacation, I would LOVE to spend it here: (Oo'Glog for all you nubs :P)




Until tomorrow... 'ciao! Feel free to comment.

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