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Christmas is an excellent time of year, but oh so busy...




I can't believe how busy I've been the past couple of weeks. Between working 12-14 hour days, trying (and not always succeeding) to find time to buy gifts, traveling to see family, and everything else the season entails, I've had almost no time to myself (I'm actually hiding in the bathroom right now. *shhh* :-$ ). This also means I've next to no time for RS (so much for level 95 by Friday) or even Tip.It. :wall: My mining has suffered tremendously, and aside from the odd post here and there I've been much more quiet in the forum lately. I wouldn't mind it so much if I wasn't so doggone tired...


Oh, and last weekend we went out of town to visit my gf's mom and dad and brothers. I accidentally left my laptop in the car (my ex has the car during the week when she has the boys and I have to take everything I want out of my work truck when I pick them up) and brought it into her mom's place for the night because I didn't want to leave it out in the cold. I went to use it for a bit and she got upset saying that we were there to visit, not to go on the internet. A reasonable statement and I felt kind of bad about it, but then she spent half the freakin' night on her Blackberry messaging people and, get this, checking messages on the forums she's a part of! :x Really?? I love her and all, but I wasn't very pleased (neither was her mom, who felt she was ignoring everyone else).


Oh well. At least I was able to get the Christmas event done this afternoon. I really like doing the events and this one was fun. I really like the ghost costume, and my boys thought blowing kisses at Scourge was hilarious! :lol: I'm hoping to make a nice little animated .gif with the spinning glitch before they take it away.


*sigh* Okay, back to it. There's a ton of presents to wrap and the kitchen looks like a bomb went off. I'd better get going. As this will most likely be my last blog post before Friday, MERRY CHRISTMAS TIP.IT!





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